Observations From Section 321: Everyone Loves A Good BJ




Thank God for the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NHL.  The Blackhawks did exactly what they were supposed to against a team like the BJs.  Despite what has been going on, the Hawks are a far superior team than Columbus.  It did not start great, with the Jackets taking a lead after a horrible Sami Lepisto turnover.  After that the Hawks played their game and dominated for another 2 points.  The “core” players showed up for the second straight game and good things happened.  The Hawks need their big guns and All Stars to carry the load down the stretch.

As bad as it has been the last 3 weeks it is good to see the Hawks put back to back wins together.  Hopefully the win on Broadway goes a long way in building some confidence and momentum.  The Blackhawks dug themselves into quite the hole but they are not as bad as they played in the first 7 games of this road trip.  Are they as good as the team that had the most points on Jan 20th?  Probably not, but  if they can keep moving forward they are going to be a team no one wants to play in the post season.  It will be great seeing them in red at the Madhouse tomorrow.


  • Duncan Kieth had himself another great game.  He finished with an assist and a +4! The good news is that he only had to play 22 minutes which is huge with the quick turn around tomorrow.
  • Pretty sure Lepisto was back to the pressbox with his horrible turnover but he made up for it by scoring a goal himself.
  • Nick Leddy had another good game today.  Lets all remember he is 20 years old and learning at the highest of all levels.  Not playing with Niklas Hjalmarrson seems to be doing him a lot of good.  I am hoping Q sees this too and remembers when Hjammer returns from injury.
  • The Blackhawks are now 9-0-2 when Patrick Kane has multiple points in game.  Still want to trade him?
  • Congrats to Dylan Olsen on getting his first career NHL point.  He is improving with every game and will be a good one down the road.
  • Sean O’Donnell finished -1 in a 6-1 victory.  That’s really hard to do!
  • Great to see Jimmy Hayes back on the big club and sticking up for his teammate.
  • Nobody likes the BJs more than Viktor Stalberg!!  He has scored 8 of his 16 goals this year against the Blue Jackets.
  • Bryan Bickell showing more signs of life!  He had a great pass to set up Stalberg’s goal.  Where has this been all season??
  • Corey Crawford has put together two straight solid games.  Staying in the blue paint seems to work! Weird!!  Would not be surprised to see him get the start again tomorrow versus the Blues.
  •  Anyone else enjoy listening to Pat Foley ripping Steve Mason a new one??


My Blackhawks Player of the Game



The captain Jonathan Toews got the Hawks moving in the right direction for the second straight game.  After the Blackhawks got off to a very slow start he put the team on his back and scored the first of 6 Chicago goals.  He made Jeff Carter look like he had cement in his breezers!  It looks like Tazer has finally recovered from his wrist injury he suffered on Jan 2oth against the Florida Panthers.  A healthy Toews goes a long for the Blackhawks!


My Turd of the Game


Someone want to explain to me what Derek Dorsett was thinking?  That was one of the more comical fights have seen in a long time! It was so funny John Scott was even laughing during the fight.  Its one thing to try and light a fire under your team, but don’t be stupid about it!


A quick stick tap to the staff at the River Casino and the Cube Bar.  They did an excellent job hosting the Blackhawks road watch today.  they had very friendly service and provided a great time to all of us who were there!


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  • hislop123

    frankly, I found Foley’s attack on mason to be de trop and rather childish – but about what I’d expect from a mediocre hack. here’s the deal: mason plays on the worst team, the worst franchise, in the league; he has a horrid defence in front of him; he was rushed into the NHL, had his technical flaws exploited, lost confidence, and his progress stopped dead. Todd Richards is an american who is a classic affirmative action hire: the guy isn’t wanted anywhere else in the league so columbus naturally tabbed him to be interim coach. Given how poor the team is, Richards finds himself fighting for his job as coach and is willing to bury the team’s former franchise goalie in order to save his skin. Foley, as a mediocre hack who couldn’t deliver your mail, sees a fellow yank from his neck of the woods (Foley’s from Illinois while Richards is from Minnesota) being berated by a frustrated twenty-something on the bench and goes ballistic; it’s a chance for an otherwise inept jock-sniffer to rub a young millionaire’s nose in it (better yet, the young millionaire in question is non-american). What Mason needs now is to get out of that graveyard known as columbus; what Foley needs right is a brain transplant and a new job.