May 11, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville during the third period of game five of the second round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Minnesota Wild at the United Center. Chicago won 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Stubbornness Is Killing The Blackhawks Chance At Repeating

The story isn’t completed yet, but the storyteller is getting closer and closer to finishing the tale of the 2013-2014 Chicago Blackhawks and the title may just be Stubbornness sank the Ship of the 2013-2014 Blackhawks.

Blackhawks Statement- The Hawks re-signing Michal Handzus to a one year deal Stubbornness-deal is made to give Joel Quenneville a security Blanket.  Season review videos are usually just team propaganda, but one telling thing in last years 2013 Championship DVD is the moment Q talks about the acquisition of Handzus as an exciting thing for the Blackhawks.

Blackhawks Statement- Stan Bowman and Quenneville talk about managing Handzus time during the season so he’s fresh as possible for the playoffs  Stubbornness- Handzus only missed 23 games out of the season and all of them were during his injury (Same time Patrick Kane was winning back to back player of the months)

Blackhawks Statement- Stan Bowman saying Brandon Pirri will be the #2 center for this season Stubbornness- Quenneville starts training camp with Brandon Saad and then just about everyone else in the organization but Pirri at the #2 Center before settling on Handzus to kick off the title defense.

Blackhawks Statement- Handzus is hurt, Pirri steps in and Kane flourishes Stubbornness- Talk about Pirri’s 200 foot game instantly appears

Blackhawks Statement- Handzus is healthy and goes back to #2 Center Stubbornness- The best offense in the NHL sends Pirri down due to his defense (Not every player comes into the NHL with Jonathan Toews 200 ft game.  Pirri showed signs of improvement but wasn’t allowed to grow and eventually traded)

Blackhawks Statement- Jeremy Morin gets a shot with Kane Injured and has a nice scoring streak Stubborness- Quenneville for some reason doesn’t Like Morin even though he’s the highest player on the team in a small sample size in advanced stats and with little ice time showed he can score

Blackhawks Statement- Peter Regin line to end the season was extremely effective with Jeremy Morin and the healthier Bryan Bickell Stubbornness- Not one shift will go to this line in the playoffs

Blackhawks Statement- Team trades for Kris Versteeg  Stubbornness- They continue to play him although he’s been a shell of the 2010 version and a turnover at the blue line machine

Blackhawks Statement- Blackhawks are a team that succeeded by rolling four lines in the 2013 season and playoffs Stubbornness- Quenneville has played 3 lines most of the playoffs and in the Western Conference Finals can’t understand why his team runs out of gas in the third period, a period the Hawks dominated rolling 4 lines in 2013.

Blackhawks Statement- Handzus is still the second line center in the playoffs Stubbornness- Besides his penalty kill use he’s atrocious 5 on 5 and has totally stymied Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane in the playoffs. I’ve never seen Kane have to dump the puck before in his career because his troops (Handzus) are so incredibly slow to get to the offensive zone.

Blackhawks Statement- The Hawks keep using Bollig Stubbornness- Bollig played 5 minutes in Game #3, didn’t play the body, and thinks because he beat Mike Smith with a wrist shot from just inside the blue line in 2012 it will work every time

Blackhawks Statement- Michal Rozsival cemented the last defensive pairing so we re-signed him for another Cup run Stubbornness- Rozsival appears to have cement on his skates and gets beat routinely and should be on the bench for Sheldon Brookbank.

Blackhawks Statement- The Blackhawks are getting beat by LA with young fresh legs Stubbornness- The Hawks have young fresh legs but Q’s stubbornness refuses to play them and in the end will cost the Hawks this series

What do you think? Will Quennneville’s stubbornness cost the Hawks? None of the veterans are playing like it’s 2013 and yet they continue to play! Maybe they catch some lightening during this Memorial Day Weekend! It’s Quenneville’s team and in the end he writes the storyline, but this team has a chance to do something that no one in the NHL has done since 1998 but it’s his stubbornness that may cost the Hawks that shot at history.

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  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    Finally, a writer has said it! Thank U… Coach Q’s fascination with the likes of Handzuz, Rosival, Bollig, Versteeg, and Leddy has affected our team game and more specifically, these players are either to slow or are ineffective or combination thereof and have become liabilities! Case in point in the Wild series, Coach Q finally scratched Rosival for games 5&6 and Bollig was suspended for 2 games, and Hawks won both games!!!

    • Blackhawk Up

      Handzus may be out for game 4

  • flan50

    I’ve hated to be critical of a Coach with Q’s record, but… it’s become evident to everyone except, apparantly, Q and Bowman, that Handzus, Rosival, Bollig and Versteeg are dragging this Hawks team down … it absolutely kills me to watch Handzus and Rosival cost Chicago game after game – then remain in the lineup! I was sick when Pirri was traded – and now Morin is apparently buried in seclusion. At this point, I’ve lost most of my optimism for the LA series – and if the Hawks do indeed fall, I feel it falls squarely on Q’s doorstep, Hall of Fame credentials or not.

    • Blackhawk Up

      Agreed, the last two games have put frustration levels at an all time high

    • Lloyd A Brodnax

      flan50…UR correct, as I, too became sick when our Hawks traded him to Florida and since I reside in Tampa, I watch some of the Panthers’ games and Pirri was looking good… We sure could of used him as we continue to have a center problem as long as slow as a turtle Handzus, who can’t seem to stay on his dang on feet, and who grabs the puck? Seriously, remains in the lineup centering Kane and Sharp. If they give up on Morin I will really be pissed off! Now on2 tonight’s game, I sincerely believe that the Hawks will play at that level Hawks fans are aware, moreover, they finally play a damn near complete game! Our guys are running on empty it seams by the 8 or 9 minute mark of period 2 and that’s attributable to us rolling 2-lines vice our customary 4 and again it’s because of the guys we named, Handzus, Bollig, Rosival, Versteeg, and Leddy. Notwithstanding, Hawks win game 4 and this series becomes a Best of 3… Go Hawks!

      • flan50

        Couldn’t agree more. At first, in several playoff games this year, I became disgusted because I thought for the first time in ages I wasn’t seeing legitimate top-level effort by our Hawks. But I realized it was actually the effects of what you say – shortening the lines and guys not having the legs to finish games. I am more passionate about the Blackhawks than any other sports team I follow – people in my area of Nebraska think I’m nuts (not a hockey hotbed by any means). It is killing me that Bowman and Quenneville haven’t given this team its best chance to repeat. I know Stan is one of the best in the business and Q will be in the HOF someday, but dang it, some of their decisions this year have been mind-boggling and frustrating as heck! I have so much respect for guys like Toews and Hossa. The idiots in pro basketball and football could take lessons from these guys on how to compete and do it with class. And I hate that they are being drug down by the Hawks’ brass insisting on rolling with Handzus, Rosival, Bollig, Versteeg, etc. Especially when they had other (better) options!!! I hope and pray the boys can still finish the run. Tonight is simply HUGE. Win and regain home ice and I still think they can do it. But LA isn’t a team to try and come back from 3-1 on. Hopefully we see that Hawk pride tonight – from EVERYONE!

        • Lloyd A Brodnax

          Well flan50, I’m beginning to think this article may have some sound reasoning… I just knew (wished) that Coach Q would make some serious changes.. Only Bollig. Seriously! Then I saw the others, Rosival, Leddy, Versteeg and Handzus (albeit he played several minutes) and all my overwhelming hope just sunk and I got sick! No Brookbank, No Morin, No Nordstrom (he’s a lil loose cannon) but the latter 2 brings speed and prospective opportunities to score. So much for hoping that Coach would do what so many are saying and we are saying it cause we SEE IT! Well on2 game 5–they need only play exceptional one (1) game at a time. Regardless of the players that dress I will do what I can to get my household here in Tampa fired-up and hopefully the fans at the MADHOUSE WILL SHOW THEIR UNYIELDING LOVE & EXCITEMENT cause our guys need it! And so do we!!! Be well flan50 & Go Hawks!