Keith Schultz-Editor

Chicagoan living in the Smokies. Huge fan of all Chicago teams except the White Sox. Worked at Southwest Ice Arena in Crestwood throughout high school years. Wish old Chicago Stadium and Old Comisky were still around, thankfully Soldier Field and Wrigley Field can still be enjoyed. You can follow me on Twitter @OakForest72. Your comments are always welcomed, and as always thanks for reading

Joe Kremel-Senior Staff WriterJoe Kremel

Born in Berwyn, now in Romeoville. I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t watching the Hawks and playing hockey.

JoHannah Lowder-Staff WriterJoHannah Lowder

A Chicago fan currently living in pro sports-less Virginia. Obsessed with anything hockey in a community where football and baseball rule. Follow me on Twitter @JoHannah87 where we can talk hockey and more!

Sean Fitzgerald-Staff WriterSean Fitzgerald

I am Chicago Sports Fan currently living in Wisconsin. I was born in bred in the Chicago Suburbs. I am very passionate about all Chicago teams especially the Blackhawks. I have attended many great Chicago Sports games including Carlos Zambrano’s no hitter at Miller Park, the last Chicago Bears play off win, and Game 5 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals. Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals will forever be the Best Sports experience of my life.

Skylar Peters-Senior Staff WriterSkylar Peters

16-year old Co-Editor, Senior Staff Writer, and dedicated hockey fan. Skylar is a lifetime Chicago Blackhawks fan, and loves to root for his hometown Winnipeg Jets as well. Skylar plays high school hockey at the AAAA level in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Brian Kinkade-Staff WriterBrian Kinkade

College student majoring in Journalism, loves the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, and the Denver Broncos.

Tim Lively- Staff Writerx



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