Patrick Kane Investigation Update

By Keith Schultz

Sunday Morning

Today’s update isn’t pretty regarding the investigation surrounding Patrick. Sources close to the investigation say that the young woman that has accused Patrick Kane of rape had bite marks on her shoulder and scratch marks on her legs when she was examined.

The latest story from The Buffalo News says Kane met a couple of females at a popular bar in Buffalo last Sunday morning and took them to his Buffalo suburban mansion. The girl accusing Kane went into a room of the house alone where Kane allegedly followed and forced himself her.

The young woman reportedly left the house immediately afterwards with the other female that was at the house, called a relative and went immediately to the hospital to be examined. The story says police were also called at this time.

As you also may know the investigators says that the evidence could take one to two months to be analyzed, so this may not be a swift moving investigation.

Like I just wrote in my morning links, this is just another kick to the gut this morning after reading this story!

UPDATED 10:30 a.m. Friday

Police have officially confirmed there is an ongoing investigation involving Patrick Kane. Hamburg (N.Y.) Police Chief Greg Wickett said as much in a statement Friday morning. He offered little other information, adding that police were gathering evidence at the time and that he would not be taking any other questions or making any further statements for the time being.

It’s a small update, but an important one. The official confirmation of an investigation involving Kane lends credence to pretty much everything that has been reported up to this point. Though the police chief said he would not be making another statement for the time being, that hasn’t stopped outlets such as The Buffalo News from getting information from anonymous sources. So this story could develop even more before the day ends.


Yesterday sure was interesting, huh? Not the good kind of interesting, either. Pretty much among the worst kinds of interesting.

As probably 99 percent of you are aware at this point, it was revealed Thursday that Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane is part of an ongoing police investigation in Hamburg, N.Y., a city near Buffalo. Additionally, the investigation is into an alleged sexual assault against a female individual.

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This news broke open Thursday morning, though it had apparently been building since the beginning of this week. We’ll get to that shortly, as it’s really necessary to go through what we’ve be told so far through the larger media outlets. There are some huge things to remember here before we go on, though.

There is a ton of speculation still running rampant around this situation. None of the information in this post in any way implicates Kane of being involved in a case of sexual assault or not being involved in one. This is simply what has been reported, largely through Buffalo-area outlets, as a result of conversations with a few unnamed sources as well as with larger parties, many of whom had little of substance to say.

So, with that said, we roll on.

The Buffalo News is probably our best source at this time for what is being said and not being said, as well as what has taken place with regard to this investigation. The writers at The Buffalo News appear to have some sources with intimate knowledge of what is going on in this situation.

According to that outlet’s latest report (latest as of very early Friday), a “young local woman” alleged that Kane raped her at his home in Hamburg after meeting her at a “downtown Buffalo nightclub” either late Saturday or early Sunday. That same woman went through a rape kit at a local hospital as well, according to The Buffalo News.

Police were reportedly at the home for a short time later Sunday. One of Kane’s neighbors told The Buffalo News he saw individuals with flashlights around the property on Sunday evening, adding that a different neighbor called the police upon seeing the same thing. That neighbor was informed by police they were aware of what was happening at Kane’s home at that time. A third neighbor told The Buffalo News said he saw three cars and four people at the house with flashlights Sunday, adding his belief they were plainclothes police officers.

The Buffalo News reporter Tim Graham, who is one of the three individuals tied to the publication’s stories on this investigation, shared information about the situation on a WGN Radio segment Thursday afternoon. He indicated the publication was working on a story about the investigation before news about it started pouring out Thursday morning, but that the publication did not feel comfortable running with it before Thursday.

Once news really busted open Thursday morning, a plethora of reactions and rumors began to spill into the public eye. Graham began tweeting tidbits of anonymous-source knowledge late Thursday morning, first saying “The Patrick Kane investigation is a rape investigation” at 10:23 a.m. He would follow up with a tweet saying “…there is a belief from multiple sources Kane might turn himself in as early as today.” He later clarified in another tweet the sources were “law-enforcement sources.”

On top of this, around 11:30 a.m., Chicago Tribune senior digital editor Mark LeBien tweeted that “3 unmarked cop cars arrived at his (Kane’s) NY home, plainclothes cops entered.” According to a tweet from Chicago Tribune Chicago Blackhawks beat writer Chris Kuc, who was unable to cover the story as a result of being out of town, the publication had (and may still have) a reporter in Buffalo on Thursday, making clear where LeBien got his information.

The Buffalo News later shared that Special Victims Unit prosecutor Roseanne Johnson of the Erie County District Attorney’s Office would be heading the investigation. Johnson specializes in sexual assault cases, according to the publication.

Once the clock ticked past noon, new information became more scarce. Publications looking into the investigation were given very basic quotes from the major parties in the case, essentially amounting to “no comment.” Paul J. Cambria Jr., Kane’s attorney in previous times of need for legal representation, declined to comment on the investigation when contacted by The Buffalo News. Hamburg’s town police chief and district attorney also declined to comment. The Chicago Blackhawks and NHL both acknowledged they were aware of a police investigation involving Kane but refused any further comment.

That’s really where we stood with this situation as of very early Friday morning. The Buffalo News has multiple anecdotal quotes and social media posts from individuals in Hamburg and the Buffalo area who saw Kane at some point Saturday, either on the golf course or out a local restaurant or bar. One particularly concerning bit of information from the publication’s story reads, “On Twitter, one man said that Kane ‘told me he was too bombed for a pic, so of course I snapchatted a pic of him anyway.’ Snapchat is a social media site where posts appear just for a few seconds.”

New information could be available by the time you’ve read this post, but this is where the situation stood as of the wee hours of Friday morning. From here, Blackhawks fans can only let the situation play out and hope for the best for everyone involved.

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