Chicago Blackhawks: Patrick Kane Possibly In Trouble

By Sean Fitzgerald

UPDATE 2:55 p.m.

There hasn’t been anything new to report regarding the alleged sexual assault against Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane, but any changes in the story are likely to first be reported by The Buffalo News. The outlet has been on top of this story from the get-go and has at least one reporter among those watching Kane’s Buffalo-area apartment closely. This story is the most recent and accurate update on the situation at this time. We’ll have more on the story when facts become available from reliable news outlets.

UPDATE 1:10 p.m.

Something worth listening to. WGN Radio had two Buffalo reporters on the air not too long ago this afternoon. The pair addressed what they have heard about the ongoing situation surrounding Patrick Kane in New York. For more information on the situation, read below.

WGN Radio link

UPDATE 12:10 p.m.

Mark Lazerus, the Chicago Sun-Times’ Blackhawks beat writer, was able to get a response from the Chicago Blackhawks regarding the situation involving Patrick Kane, of which you can read more about below.

Not a surprising response from the Blackhawks at this point, as this situation is still very unclear and they’ll need to talk to plenty of people before making a statement of substance.

UPDATE 11:45 a.m. This time we check in with the Chicago Tribune, specifically senior digital news editor Mark LeBien, who appears to have an update on what’s currently happening in Buffalo.

It’s obviously unclear what this means, but it’s clear there is some sort of situation going on involving policy activity and Patrick Kane. We’ll continue to provide updates deemed credible as we find or receive them.

UPDATE 11:10 a.m. The Buffalo News is all over the Kane story today, with writer Tim Graham providing this very ominous tweet not long ago.

It would be wrong to speculate any further on the matter at this point, but it’s fair to say this is bad news for the Blackhawks and their star forward.


During the Chicago Blackhawks championship rally, broadcaster Pat Foley said that Patrick Kane had matured as a person on and off the ice. Kane followed that thought with the statement, “Wait till you see me the next two weeks.” I guess Kane wasn’t kidding with his words to the Blackhawks faithful.

It appears that Kane might be in trouble off the ice again. Reports are surfacing that Kane is the subject of a police investigation in Buffalo, according to The Buffalo News. Kane has yet to be charged with any sort of crime. The Hamburg police have forbidden anyone involved with the investigation from commenting.

If Kane is charged with a crime, this would be the second off-ice incident involving Kane in Buffalo. The first happened in 2009 when Kane got into an altercation with a cab driver. After that incident and others, including his offseason shenanigans in Madison, Wis., Kane seemed to clean up his act. He seemed to become a model NHL citizen, with the turning point in Kane’s development coming during the lockout. Kane chose to take his mother to Switzerland with him while he played in a Swiss league during the work stoppage. His mother seemed to have a calming influence on Kane.

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This incident, no matter what it is, could hurt the “good feelings” that have been following the Blackhawks recently. Aside from the occasional Stanley Cup championship party story, there have been no more party-boy Kane stories. Kane had worked very hard to shed that label, and sadly this incident might destroy all of his hard work.

Kane garnered the party label because of his well-known off-ice antics. There are two specific events that stick out in my mind when it comes to Kane’s party mentality. The first is Kane riding shirtless with teammates in a Vancouver limo in 2009, and the second is Kane’s partying in Wisconsin. Kane’s off the ice issues were so recognized that several Twitter handles have been created for him. DrunkPatrickKane seems to be the most popular handle.

Before this alleged incident, Twitter handles and pictures were the only memories that we had of Kane’s off-ice issues. This incident will now bring all of those issues back into the limelight. I want to believe that this is a misunderstanding and that the issue will be resolved quickly, but the fact that officers involved are not allowed to comment makes me uneasy. This is not the type of story we wanted to get in the dog days of the offseason.

We will wait for news to come out on this story. Stay tuned.

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