Live-noted review: Blackhawks vs. Falling Snow Pile

By Jeffrey Bartl

I’m trying something different tonight. It’s not a live blog because I’m not publishing live, but I’ll be noting my observations live as I watch on my 61″ television. Let’s see how this goes.

The Blackhawks will be without Jonathan Toews, Dave Bolland and Ben Eager tonight against the Colorado Avalanche, which makes me want to throw my cat across my apartment. I wrote last week that the Blackhawks can be dangerous when healthy, but it’s imperative this happens with this rough November schedule. After watching the Blackhawks look as flat as Kristen Bell against Phoenix in their 3-1 loss last night, it couldn’t have been more clear that we need at least our captain back on the ice.

Game is about to start, Antti Niemi is in goal, so let’s get to it:

1st Period

0:01: ‘Hawks win face-off. I haven’t been able to say that very often lately.

0:40: Brian Campbell makes a spin-o-rama move to the net but is stuff by Craig Anderson.

1:45: ‘Hawks win ANOTHER face-off. That’s two in a row.

2:06: Fraser and Hendricks get in a little scrap which features a lot of man-hugging. Both fall to the ice and that’s it. Replay shows Fraser came right off the bench and sought out Hendricks.

2:07: ‘Hawks win their third face-off in row. OK, I’ll stop now.

3:45: Versteeg took a nice pass about six feet from the net but had it knocked away before he could get a shot off. Versteeg is having a very active shift, which seems to be the norm.

5:01: Anderson makes a nice glove save off a Campbell shot stemming from a great shift from the Ebbett line which kept the puck in the Avs zone for a good 90 seconds.

5:32: ‘Hawks are dominating thus far, creating more scoring chances and keep the ice titled toward the Avs zone.

6:05: Blackhawks get their first Power Play, sponsored by Purina Dog Shit. Please, after going 0-for-6 last night, get something the hell done on this one. I’m sick of this crap.

Commercial: This would have been an opportune time for the Philly’s Best delivery guy to get here with my sandwich, but of course he didn’t show.

6:27: THEY LISTENED!! BYFUGLIEN SCORES! Slapper just a couple feet inside the blue line and the 23rd-ranked power play finally gets on the board, assisted by Versteeg and Kaner.

1-0 Blackhawks

7:12: Neimi almost gave me a heart attack by coming 15 feet out of the net to challenge David Jones’ rush, but the puck trickled away. Puck stayed in the ‘Hawks zone and missed a couple chances, which also gave me a mild heart attack. Good shift by Avs.

10:00: Avs have only one shot on goal to this point

10:36: HE SHOOTS HE SCORES!! DUNCAN KEITH! Beautiful setup by Versteeg, who played the give-and-go from behind the net back to Keith in front! Two assists each for Versteeg and Kaner now.

2-0 Blackhawks!

Commercial: Another opportune time the Philly’s Best guy missed to bring my sandwich. Damnit.

12:37: Madden and McLeod each get sent off for 2-minute minors, which is bullshit because Madden should be allowed to do whatever he wants and McLeod mauled him. 4-on-4.

Commerical: Philly’s Best guy finally came!

14:37: 4-on-4 over with no excitement.

15:25: Seabrook sprawled out to stop an Avs rush, then a bad hop off the boards from an Avs dump made the puck land on top of the net, which scared me half to death.

17:45: Great shift by Avs, creating a couple of good chances that just slid through the crease and forcing the Blackhawks to take an icing call. Ladd played well defensively on the shift as well.

18:38: Damnit. Clean-up goal by Ryan O’Reilly. After being dominated most of the period and the great previous shift, it was bound to happen against a tired Blackhawks line still on the ice after the icing call.

2-1 Blackhawks

19:20: Ebbett put a great backhand shot on Anderson, he gives up the rebound which bounces to Sharp with an open net. Sharp missed it. Shit.

End of 1st period, 2-1 Blackhawks

Dominating first period by the ‘Hawks, right up until the last couple of Colorado shifts. The first rush forced the ‘Hawks into an icing call, which subsequently led to the Avs first goal. Nice to see the ‘Hawks come out strong after looking like piss last night. AND THEY SCORED ON THE POWER PLAY! Wow. Second period upcoming.

2nd Period

3:48: Kopecky has actually been pretty active tonight, going against my theory that he doesn’t have a pulse.

6:28: Beautiful save by Anderson on Byfuglien after a great feed from Sharp on a great rush in front of the net.

6:42: Power play for the ‘Hawks.

7:42: Motherfucker. David Jones skates right past Byfuglien, Neimi went to his knees quicker than a $2-hooker and Jones scores a short-hander on a weak backhand.

2-2 tie

8:42: Are you fucking serious. O’Reilly breaks free at the end of the ‘Hawks power play and scores on a breakaway and scores on the rebound off his initial shot. Nice power play, assholes.

3-2, Avs

9:15: Now the fucking ‘Hawks are shorthanded. Nice.

12:20: Anderson is showing that he’s a legit, solid NHL goalie. Just made a hell of a save on Ebbett. Damnit.

14:01: Well the Blackhawks are going on a power play, and the last time it looked like the Avs had 12 guys on the ice.

16:01: Versteeg had a good shot. Other than that — nothing.


3-3 tie

19:00: Just showed a stat that the Avs have three goals on only eight shots. And it’s pretty evident that Sharp shouldn’t bother shooting the puck anymore, because he either misses completely or the goaltender makes a ridiculous save, which Anderson did on him with 16 seconds left.

20:00: Little bit of a scuffle with Fraser dropping f-bombs all over the place, at one point saying “I’ll kill this motherfucker.” Nice.

End of 2nd period, tied 3-3

Well, that was pretty damn ugly until the ‘Hawks were able to put one on the board late in the period. Pretty much the exact opposite of the first period, and suddenly, even with the ‘Hawks out-shooting the hell out of the Avs, it’s turned into a pretty even game, and not just on the scoreboard. Both teams are getting good rushes into the zone. Should make for an exciting 3rd period.

3rd Period

:00: 4-on-4 to start the period after that little scrum to end the 2nd.

8:00: Nothing has really blown my skirt up this period. A couple of chances for each team, but nothing to start freaking out about. I just felt the need to type something.

8:33: Icing call against Colorado, and the Avs use their time out. C’mon boys, let’s push one past this guy. Who cares he’s from Park Ridge.

8:43: Things getting chippy again in front of Niemi after he made an easy save. Comment from my buddy Brandon: “If I was on the Avs, I’d tell them, ‘Dude, I’ll beat your ass right in front of your dad.'” Awesome.

10:00: ‘Hawks only have two shots in the period to the Avs’ nine.

14:00: Replay shows Ladd got kicked right in the face and made his way down the runway to the locker room and appears to be out for the game.

18:30: Really good shift by Bickell and Madden, with a Madden shot trickling through the crease.

19:23: Icing against Colorado, bringing the puck back into the Avs zone. Let’s go boys!

19:57: Kopecky is getting mauled in front of the net as the ‘Hawks continued to pepper Anderson. Bullshit that Foote didn’t get a fucking penalty there. Damnit.

End of 3rd, tied 3-3, both teams get 1 points in standings.

Pretty pissed we’ve even gotten to this point since the ‘Hawks were up 2-0, then down 3-2 before Sharp and Ladd bailed out the ‘Hawks to get a point.


2:50: Sharp had another chance and was completely dragged down with no call, and Anderson made an easy pad save.

End of overtime, tied 3-3.

For the second straight time, the ‘Hawks and Avs go to a shootout. I’m not happy about that. The way the ‘Hawks started this game, it looked like they’d win 13-0. Then the power play went back to true form and even got worse, allowing a shorty and then a goal just one second after the power play expired. Just f-ing awful. How, with the talent on this team, the power play is so f-ing bad is beyond me.

And it’s not just a shootout, it’s the New York MetLife Shootout. Jesus H…

Wow, Ladd definitely has a broken nose. Holy hell. Wait until you see the pictures.


Avs: Wolski came wide, save by Niemi

Hawks: Kaner scores! 1-0

Avs: Hejduk made 100 moves until Niemi poked it away!

‘Hawks: Versteeg had a chance to win it, Anderson made the stop but almost let it trickle over the line. Save.

Avs: Svatos, top cheese past Niemi. 1-1

‘Hawks: Sharp completely misses the f-ing net. Wow. I. Am. Shocked.

Avs: Duchene stopped by Niemi.

‘Hawks: Anderson stones the Worthless Wonder Kopecky.

Avs: Jones wrists it high over the net.

‘Hawks: Ladd rocks the f-ing post! Damnit.

Avs: Stastny stopped by Niemi.

Can you believe this shit? Again?

‘Hawks: Barker stopped by Anderson.

Avs: O’Reilly stopped by Niemi.

‘Hawks: Brouwer stuffed by Anderson.

This is ridiculous.

Avs: Stewart scores.

‘Hawks: It’s up to Byfuglien, who breaks his stick on a FUCKING SLAP SHOT?!?! Wow.

Avs win 4-3 in a shootout.

WTF. Unreal. This team is really starting to piss me off. I know we’re not healthy, I know our captain is hurt. But this f-ing power play is ridiculously horrible. F this, I’m going to drink.

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