Stuffed turkey live blog: Blackhawks at Kings

By Jeffrey Bartl

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If you look/feel anything like Homer here, you’re not alone. I’ve ate and drank so much since Wednesday night that today’s activity has been working on my ass groove in the couch. I’m pretty much doing this live blog to keep myself awake during the game. And if you’re about to toss in a comment like McClure from Second City Hockey who called me a slang term for female genitalia, you can eat shit, too.

Nevertheless, the Blackhawks are playing their third game in four nights and the second of a back-to-back tonight against the Los Angeles Kings, who have lost three straight games at home. After Wednesday night’s 7-2 absolute demolition of San Jose, the ‘Hawks looked worn out in their 3-0 loss to Anaheim yesterday. Playing on little rest once again makes me think we could see much of the same shit tonight. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

So, kick back interactively with an extremely full and hungover short blonde guy for tonight’s game. Hit refresh a lot and make some comments. Or don’t. Whatever. GO ‘HAWKS!

1st Period

Pregame — On the air on WGN with Foley and Eddie-O calling the action.

Pregame — Huet’s stats in last 8: 7-1, 1.92 GAA. Pretty sure everyone can shut the hell up now.

Nothing like a national anthem sung by a guy with a Jerry Seinfeld circa 1994 haircut and an awful leather jacket. F-ing L.A…

0:00 — Superman Line starts it out

0:39 — Already a damn good chance for the Kings but Brown shoots it wide

2:02 — Great shift by Superman Line, which seems like it can do whatever the hell it wants. They’re sick.

3:50 — Kopitar breakaway attempt stopped by Huet, who has already faced two good chances by the Kings. Keith shot it right into him which led to the breakaway.

4:58 — First reference to plus/minus by Foley. Took longer than I thought.

5:14 — Madden shot ALMOST trickles past Quick but rested on the goal line. Damnit.

6:30 — Nice hit by Brown on Versteeg as he tried to skate the puck into the zone. First commercial break and there’s nothing too exciting going on. Superman Line looks good, as usual.

7:00 — Oh man, Handzus misses a wide open net off a rebound Huet gave up. Damn, they’re putting some pressure on us tonight. This needs to stop fast.

8:15 — Superman Line again forces pressure and gets a good chance. Puck squeezes through Quick but Kings recover and ice the puck. Both teams have fallen just short of goals off great chances…

9:30 — John Madden is a fucking animal. He’s everywhere again tonight.

12:44 — Superman Line again creates a chance, with Hossa giving to Kane… backhand attempt snatched by Quick on a nice save.

13:10 — Nice save by Huet off a quick Brown shot. And Foley just said, “Right in his grill.” Yikes.

14:50 — Kopitar skated right past Fraser, then Eager, then Seabrook and created another chance thwarted by Huet’s stick on a pass to the middle.

16:49 — Power play for the ‘Hawks coming up. Looked like dogshit yesterday, so let’s see what we can do here.

17:00 — Hossa pass trickles through the crease, then the Kings are able to clear it out of the zone twice.

18:49 — Power play ends looking like dog shit and Versteeg getting laid out.

20:00 — Lots of chances for both teams that weren’t converted. Semi-exciting period and hopefully the ‘Hawks can convert these chances in the second period.

0-0, end of 1st period.

2nd Period

0:42 — Huet getting some work early having to save a stuff attempt and a scrum in front of the net.

1:56 — Ladd-Madden-Brouwer line with another good shift, keeping the puck in the zone and then forcing an offside call

2:11 — Damnit. Wayne Simmonds goal after a beautiful feed from Handzus. Son of a bitch. Pass split Keith and Seabrook. Shit. 1-0 Kings.

4:07 — Fucking Byfuglien gets a delay of game penalty to put the Kings on the power play.

6:50 — Brouwer had a great short-handed chance but was saved by Quick. Damnit. At least they killed the penalty.

7:47 — Tripping on Campbell. Shit. Another Kings power play. This period isn’t going very well, damnit.

9:47 — Nice kill, fellas. Back to full strength.

11:20 — Horrible turnover by Versteeg but a great save by Huet. Ensuing ‘Hawks rush leds to a Versteeg shot saved by Quick. Teams trade chances for a good minute with Huet making another save until the Hawks can clear.

13:35 — Huet has to make another good save while being screened and his able to cover. C’mon guys, give the guy a break and start putting some pressure on down at the other end.

14:57 — Toews wins another face-off to Seabrook who one-times it toward the net, but Quick made a blind save. Damnit!

18:57 — Wow. Somehow Huet stopped  a sure goal by Kopitar off a rebound. Ugh…

19:26 — Goddamnit. Late penalty on Hjalmarsson for roughing after some extra shit after the whistle. WTF!

20:00 — Well, that period was pretty mch dog shit. Huet got peppered with shots and made some nice saves, and the Hawks put very little pressure on Quick at the other end. Now the Hawks have to start the 3rd period short-handed after that late penalty. Hawks haven’t scored a goal in over five periods of play.

1-0 Kings, end of 2nd period

3rd Period

0:00 — Madden wins first face-off of the game, making him 1-for-10 tonight. Crap.

1:36 — Hawks finish the penalty kill. It would be nice if the Kings had to do that, damnit.

4:22 — Sopel rings one off the post. I’m starting to get angry.

5:40 — Eager had a great chance but hit it off the side of the net. Hawks are getting chances and decent shots but nothing to show for it right now.

6:31 — Handzus called for a holding the stick penalty putting the Hawks on the power play. Let’s go!


8:13 — Huet with a couple big saves on Kopitar, who had a great look in the slot then tried to bank the rebound off Huet.

9:02 — Yes! Interference called on Parse, giving the Hawks another power play!

11:02 — A couple of shots, but nothing seriously threatening Quick and it’s back to even strength.

14:00 — Kings really applying pressure in the Hawks zone this period.

16:00 — Shots are 29-16 Blackhawks, but the Kings have had some good chances that just haven’t gone on net while some weak shots have gotten to Quick. Stat may be a little misleading.

18:03 — Great move by Toews to feed Hossa in front of the net, but Quick makes another save. Damnit.

19:23 — Icing on the Kings bringing the face-off back. Let’s go, boys!

20:00 — Game-tying goal from Toews, so I guess there’s no complaining here. Kings were doing well keeping it in the Hawks zone most of the period. Nonetheless, we’re heading to overtime and each team gets a point.

1-1, end of 3rd period.


1:34 — Almost a 2-on-1 for Toews and Hossa but a diving King saved the day.

3:14 — Exciting sequence between the teams with opportunities saved by both Huet and Quick. Face-off in Kings zone.

3:22 — Coach Q uses the timeout with another face-off in Kings zone upcoming. This has been one hell of an OT.

3:58 — Great sequence by Kane to hold the puck on a delayed penalty. No goal, but it’s 4-on-3 for the Hawks for the remainder of the OT!

4:33 — Kings use their timeout now. Hawks having trouble getting anything set up on the power play so far, but the timeout should give the Hawks a chance to draw up a play, given they win the faceoff.

5:00 — Handzus won faceoff, so we’re heading to shootout. Damnit.

1-1, end of OT


Kings — Kopitar scores on a great move. 1-0 Kings.

Hawks — Toews saved by Quick. Shit.

Kings — Johnson uses same move as Kopitar and scores. 2-0 Kings.

Hawks — Kaner has to score…. and doesn’t. Damnit….

Kings win pissing contest and earn extra point.