Piss in your Cup: Blackhawks 2, Penguins 1 OT

By Jeffrey Bartl

Well, that was agonizing. I know it’s only the beginning of December, and I know points can up and vanish like a fart in the wind from now until the middle of April, but I wanted this one — bad.

Antti Niemi stopped 31 shots, the post stopped three more, Marian Hossa scored his third goal of the season and Kris VERSTEEG! scored the winner in overtime to piss in Pittsburgh’s Cup with a 2-1 victory on the road. It would have been better if the ‘Hawks had won with Sidney Crosby in the lineup, but he was too busy icing his vagina.

It was nearly deja vu with Niemi being the fella holding tight a 1-0 lead late into the third period. But lucky ass Jordan Staal found himself next to a blocked shot and scored with under two minutes left in the third period and an empty net at the other end. Niemi played one badass game, and it was a horrific site to have a goal like that scored on him to ruin the shutout.

Then Brian Campbell led a great rush into Pittsburgh’s zone in overtime and put one on Marc-Andre Fluery. Fluery gave up a rebound — few and far between in this one — and VERSTEEG! put it past Fluery for the winner. Awesome. Just f-ing awesome.

The goaltending in this game was off the charts. Niemi and Fluery were at their best, stopping chance after chance with spectacular saves rivaling some of the best made this season. Niether of these two deserved to lose tonight. Fortunately, it was Fluery who fell on the short end and the Blackhawks earned the extra point.

It was retribution from last season when Geno Malkin won the game for the Penguins in overtime at the United Center on construction hat night. Once the game went into OT, flashbacks occurred. I’m more than happy the outcome was different.

And this game was a hell of a lot more chippy than last season’s. Duncan Keith and Matt Cooke were at each other most of the night, with each landing high shots on the other and Keith drawing a paltry two-minute penalty that easily could have landed him a game misconduct.

There also was a scrum in front of Fluery between Brent Seabrook and Bill Guerin. Guerin dropped the gloves and each player was tugging at each other. Reading lips through the TV, Seabrook asked Guerin if he wanted to go. Guerin declined.

Colin Fraser was also in the mood to block some more punches with his face, but he was unable to find a taker for a fight.

Either way, the Blackhawks came out with two points after farting all over the ice Friday night against Nashville. As I said, I wanted this one — bad. It was a nice statement to make to the Eastern Conference, even if Crosby sat out with excess vaginal discharge. It’s only one game, but an overtime victory on the road against the defending Cup champs makes a statement no matter what.

The ‘Hawks are off until Wednesday when the New York Rangers come to the UC. It’s going to be fun enjoying this win until then.

— Quick note to Hockee Night and Second City Hockey: I’ve decided I’m going to jump on the spelling of VERSTEEG! bandwagon. I’ve been a huge fan of him before I even met you guys, and now that I’ve met you, I feel I’ve earned the right to enter in on the fun. Thanks for understanding.

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