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The Big 5-Oh: ‘Hawks 5, Stars 2

By Jeffrey Bartl

I guess it’s a good thing when I get so bored watching a Blackhawks game that I begin to doze off. It’s a tell-tale sign the ‘Hawks are getting back to being laughable dominant, even if they’re not quite there yet.

Not even setting a franchise record with the team’s 50th victory of the season could keep me awake. This game was just too easy — like it should have been — against a Dallas team dying to get on the golf course.

Once Marian Hossa tapped into his inner baseball player 36 seconds into the game, my eyelids became heavy — just as they are now. With another game set to face off in about 17 hours, I’m going to make this quick

While I was (kinda) sleeping…

Colin Fraser seems determined to make this season’s playoff roster after watching from the luxury suite in last year’s postseason. His two goals tonight just added a cherry onto his recent solid play at both ends of the ice. And hey, he hasn’t even gotten the shit kicked out of him lately. Keep it up there kid.

Adam Burish filled in for  Troy Brouwer tonight as he attended to a family matter and contributed nicely with two assists.

— One of those assists was to  Patrick Kane, whose reaction made me realize something: The Blackhawks are really having fun again. After he scored, Kane immediately grew a huge smile and skated right at Burish with open arms and couldn’t have looked any happier while screaming, “What a fucking pass man!”

Jonathan Toews scored yet another short-handed goal for the ‘Hawks tonight and could have had another when a two-on-one with Hossa was whistled offsides.

— Yep,  Antti Niemi played well again. To quote The Beatles: “I’m in love (ooooo!), and I’m a believer!”

— After only being whistled for four penalties in the last three games combined, the ‘Hawks committed five by the middle of the second period and gave up a power play goal.

— Speaking of the power play — How in living hell does a team with this much talent not have the best man-advantage percentage in the league. They’re so damn good five-on-five, then things go to shit when it’s five-on-four. Does this make sense to anyone? Can we please have this fixed before the postseason for the love of God?

— Every time Foley or Eddie-O said “Climie,” I couldn’t help but think of The Simpsons episode when Homer kept calling Frank Grimes, “Grimey.” Am I alone here? Bueller?

Though I’d like to see how Niemi performs in a road-home back-to-back, QStache left the door open for a possible  Cristobal Huet siting. I know everyone hates him, and I sure as hell have hated the way he’s played of late, but this guy is really had not to like. He makes zero excuses:

"I can only blame myself for not being on top of my game the last two or three games. Right now I’m just trying to stay sharp and mentally positive, to be ready in case the team needs me. The important thing is we are in the right place and where we want to be as a team. I try not to make waves."

I’ll be in Section 326, Row 12, Seat 11 at the United Center for tonight’s game.  GO HAWKS!

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