Who Says You Can’t Go Home? Talking About Changes.


My name is Frank Rekas and as the NHL Director for Fansided Sports I wanted to tell you of some changes at Blackhawk Up, one of the first and one of the most successful sites here at the FanSided Sports Network.  Jeff Bartl the original Blackhawk Up writer is moving on to his own site with his commarades Tim Currell and Brandon Spinner.  Their new site which just went live a couple days ago is Cheer The Anthem.  Make sure you go there to check them out as they will continue to provide you with their views and opinions of the Chicago Blackhawks just the way you’ve been used to. Jeff and his crew were looking to go independent and we all parted ways on the best of terms.  I speak for everyone here at FanSided when I say we wish them nothing but the best.

Going forward, and I do apologize for the break in the action, things will continue on here at Blackhawk Up.  First of all I will be one of the lead writers of the site.  While I currently live in Florida, and some of you might know me from my lead writer spot over at The Rat Trick, I was born and raised in Chicago and lived there for 30 years before I left.  I’m old enough to remember Hull, Mikita, and Espo.  As well as Savard, JR, Belfour, Larmer, and Chelios.  I remember the roar.  I have a brick from the old stadium as a former season ticket holder. I was in the Stadium the night that Mario and his crew skated around with the Cup in 1992 after we were swept in the final round.  I cried like a baby.  Most of that pain was wiped away last season after Patrick Kane scored the winner in overtime to end the Hawks 49 years of misery.  I cried like a baby then too.  Even though I live in Florida I watch all the games and stay up to speed as much as possible….so no worries gang, Blackhawk Up will be in good hands.

Besides myself we’re going to have John Schultz.  You might know him as @chinativeson on Twitter.  John is a resident of Chicago and you may have seen some of his work as a commenter on Second City Hockey, as well as Blackhawk DL.  He’s even been on Puck Daddy a few times.  John and I will share the lead role position here on the site.  We’ll also have Peter Dufner, who like John and myself, has been a Hawk fan for many years.  Pete will tell it like it is, which is all we can ask of our staff.  Finally Marty Hobe will be the fourth voice on the site.  Marty is a journalism student at Bradley and not only a huge fan, but plays the game as well.

I really think that the four of us, and for all I know, maybe more, will continue the coverage that your used to here at the site.  In our own way, but nonetheless, you’ll have four great voices for you to read.  We’ll be straight forward, sarcastic, funny and a little crazy at times.  But you wouldn’t want it any other way right?  You’ll learn more about us as we go along, especially my hatred for the Can’t Nucks and Bobby Lose!

For me, like the title says, it’s a bit like coming home.

We’ll be updating you on a Twitter site and Facebook page as things progress.  Please comment and make suggestions.  We want this to be fan friendly.

Frank Rekas