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Observations From Section 321: The Story Of Two Cor(e)ys

By Greg Boysen

If the Vancouver Canucks get a higher playoff seed by one point over the Blackhawks they can thank Cory Schneider for standing on his head last night!  In a very close Western Conference that was a tough point to leave on the ice. But, on the other hand, it is nice to start a 9 game road trip with a point.

If you like good goaltending then last night’s game was for you! It’s amazing what these two teams can do when they forget about all the crap and play hockey.  That was a very fun game to watch between two very talented teams going at it with speed and skill.  There is not much you are going to do when the Sedins are on the ice during 4 0n 4 play and have more room to operate.  The Blackhawks had their chances to win in both regulation and in overtime and couldn’t get the job done.  If the Hawks give this kind of effort from here on out, they will win a lot more games than they will lose.  On to the observations…

  • Viktor Stalberg had one of his better games of the season. He was everywhere and his speed was a killer last night.  Just imagine what kind of player he can be if his hands ever catch up with his feet!
  • Not to going complain much about the no call on Stalberg’s OT breakaway.  There were plenty of no calls that benefited the Hawks during the game.  The refs called the game consistent throughout the game so I don’t have much of a problem with it.
  • The Blackhawks power play is a farce right now!  How does a team with this much offensive talent absolutely, positively suck with the man advantage??  Their power play is in slow motion compared to other teams in the league.  The power play in the 3rd period was a joke!  Hawks forwards are getting the puck, in the slot, with room to shoot and are passing the puck instead of shooting.  Stop trying to be cute and make the perfect pass.  Get traffic into the blue paint and get pucks to the net.
  • Patrick Kane’s “I give a crap” meter was at 9 last night. He had one of his best games in quite awhile.
  • Brendan Morrison has been taking a lot of heat for not converting on his chance in the 2nd period.  Daniel Sedin made a nice defensive play which caused Morrison to look down at the puck.  I am sure if he was able to keep his head up, he would have scored.  Give credit to Thing 2 (or his he Thing 1?) for a good stick and Schneider for staying with the play after a horrible give away.
  • The Blackhawks would have won that game if Bobby Lu started, truth!
  • The defense played a pretty good game overall, considering they were only playing 5 guys.  Duncan Keith was making plays all over the ice.  More of this please!
  • One note on the game winning goal, there is no way both Keith and Brent Seabrook should be looking at Thing 1 behind the net, when everyone knows Thing 2 can’t be far behind.  One of the two needed to turn around on that play.
  • Q went with John Scott to be more physical against the Canucks.  So why did he only skate for only 5:21 and why did the Blackhawks get outhit 33 to 16? Look at the ice times of the other defensemen!  If you are going to suit up Scott then play him.  If you can’t trust him on the ice, then don’t suit him up!
  • Did Andrew Shaw draw mustaches on all the pictures of Trevor Linden in the Rogers Arena?  He certainly took a beating, but kept on getting up.

My Blackhawks Player Of The Game

Corey Crawford was fantastic last night!  He made 30 saves and quite a few big time saves that kept the Hawks in the game.  His rebound control and glove was much improved than we saw the two games against Nashville.  I am hoping this is the game that gets Crow rolling and leads to more consistent play from number 50.  He is being paid like a #1 goalie, now it’s time for him to play like one every night.

My Turd Of The Game

This section has become a bit of a fan favorite back on the Smart Ass MotherPucker blog I started, so I am thrilled to debut here on Blackhawk Up!  My TOTG goes to the group of asshats, wearing Hawks jerseys, sitting on the glass who had to stand up for EVERYTHING!  If that was happening by my seats, in the rafters of the United Center, it wouldn’t have happened more than twice, trust me!  The 100 level in Vancouver must be just like the 100 here, full of people who just don’t care about the game and want to be seen.   Instead of spending $60 on your Chinese jersey and $300 to sit on the glass, learn some hockey etiquette in the cheap seats first!