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Observations From Section 321: We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat!

By Greg Boysen

I can pretty much copy and paste anyone one of my write ups from this road trip and use it for last night’s game.  The same mistakes are being made.  The same lackluster effort.  The terrible special teams play.  For a team who talked a big game about practice and X’s and O’s you sure couldn’t tell any difference last night.  It is starting to make me believe that the coaching staff has lost this team.  Its probably too late in the season to fire Q, but maybe a new assistant coach, or two, could light a spark.  Something needs to be done, an example needs to be made because these guys are dead men walking right now.

The Blackawks outplayed the Sharks for a good portion of the game.  They dominated the 2nd period, out shooting San Jose 17-3.  But in the end the same mistakes killed the Hawks once again.  Dumb penalties followed by a horrible penalty kill.   A completely useless power play unit take couldn’t hit water if hit fell out of a boat right now!  A goalie that keeps getting caught way out of position.  Defensemen who refuse to clear the crease and let men get behind them.  Turnovers at the blue line that lead to odd man rushes going the other way.  This is a broken record and I am sick of writing about it and even sicker about watching it.

  • The Blackhawks embarrassed themselves by not sticking up for their captain last night.  Jonathan Toews was getting the rag doll treatment all game last night and most of the Blackhawks just stood and watched.  Sean O’Donnell had to race past 3 other Hawks to help out Toews in a 1st period scrum in front of the benches.  Jamal Mayers did a nice job by going after Ryane Clowe, who is a punk!  Mayers needs to be resigned for at least another year, he seems to be the only Blackhawk willing to stick up for his team mates.
  • Still can’t figure out how the Sharks got a power play out of that 1st period scrum either.
  • Holy crap, Bryall Bickell has a pulse! Someone should tell him that the season started in October!  He still took a dumb penalty right after the Hawks tied the game that killed some of the momentum.
  • The Blackhawks need to put an electric collar on Corey Crawford that zaps him every time he leaves the blue paint!
  • I saw Marian Hossa on my milk carton when I sat down to breakfast this morning.
  • Speaking of Keith, what the hell was he doing on the Sharks’ 3rd goal late in the 2nd period?  I’ve watched it a half a dozen times and still have no idea!
  • Good thing we traded for Brendan Morrison who can’t find his way into the lineup after just 4 games.  How bad are you when you can’t even beat out Bickell for ice time?
  • Viktor Stalberg is back in the Q Doghouse.  He didn’t take a single shift in the 3rd period.  Most likely a combo of yet another bad turnover at the blue line and his refusal to stick up for his captain lead to the benching.

My Blackhawks Player of the Game

Marcus Kruger showed up in a very big way last night with 2 of the 3 Chicago goals.  It’s amazing what can happen when you get to the front of the net.  His first goal was set up by a blast from Nick Leddy that rang of the post.  Kruger was in the perfect place to put the puck in the net.  He worked equally as hard in front of the net on his second goal too.  I hope the rest of the Blackhawks take notes on what it takes to get some dirty goals.

My Turd of the Game

For the second time in a week Michael Frolik finds himself in this section, and pretty much for the same thing!  Just like he did in Calgary last Friday, Frolik took a horrible 4 minute double minor for high sticking.  This week he waited only 58 seconds to screw the pooch.  With the Blackhawks PK unit as bad as it is you can not put your team behind the 8 ball by taking dumb penalties like that!  I am not sure how Frolik keeps getting ice time along with Bryan Bickell.  You can’t tell me kids like Jimmy Hayes, Ben Smith, Jeremy Morrin or Brandon Pirri can’t give you more than these two guy have to offer right now.