Blackhawks News

Observations From Section 321: What Did You Do Ray?

By Greg Boysen

Things are bad when the best thing about a Blackhawks game is that you are excited to use a Ghostbusters reference! Growing up on the Northside, one of my dream jobs was to do the play by play for the Chicago Cubs.  Thanks to the Blackhawks I now have an idea what it is like to cover the lovable losers.  Its hard to come up with original thoughts and ideas when the same results are occurring everyday.

I don’t want to hear about how much better the Hawks played last night in Nashville.  Yes, they did play their best game since the Vancouver game on Jan 31st.  The bottom line is they got as many points for playing “better” against Nashville than it did for getting smacked around by Edmonton, zero!  Moral victories do not do anything for this team right now.  They need real victories and points.  This is a team that had the most points in the NHL 3 weeks ago, and now are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs.  Screw playing “better” how about winning?  Last night the Predators won because they had the better goaltender.  A world class goalie can help a team over come mediocre defense.  If you have mediocre goaltending and average defense, well, that’s how you lose 9 games in a row. On to the observations….

  • Good to see Marian Hossa finally get back on the score sheet.  I felt he would do good with Marcus Kruger and Andrew Brunette on his line.  Let’s keep this line together, in fact keep all the lines together for a couple of games.  I don’t see the harm in that.
  • Ray Emery was the victim of bad luck, which is what happens to teams who are on losing streaks.  The only goal I will pin on him was the first goal.  He seemed to be doing his best Corey Crawford impression and was shuffling around in the crease.  The other two goals were deflections which are tough on a goalie.  They are even tougher when one of them is deflected off of one of your own players sticks.
  • 4:02 total time on ice for John Scott.  What a waste!
  • Bryan Bickell is proof anyone can score if you give them enough time and space!
  • Patrick Kane lead the team with 5 shots.  He has been shooting more often lately which is a good thing.  One of these days he is due to just explode and carry this team for a week or so.  I just hope it isn’t too late when that occurs.
  • Ryan Ellis was a plus +2 for the Preds.  What’s it like to have a defenseman who is a +2?  Been so long I have forgotten what that’s like.
  • The faceoffs need to improve.  Jonathan Toews was the only player to win more than half his draws.  The Preds 2nd goal was off of , wait for it, you guessed it, Dave Bolland losing a defensive zone draw.

My Blackhawks Player of the Game

Was there any player who needed a goal more than Marian Hossa last night?  His goal was a classic Hoss type of  goal.  He was able to take control of a pass that was shot into his chest, keep defenders off of him and score in only a way he can.  We need Hossa to be big here in the next few weeks if the Blackhawks are to do anything.

My Turd of the Game

I’ve been blogging about the Blackhawks for over a year and this is the first time Jonathan Toews gets the TOTG.  His turnover at center ice lead to the 1st Nashville goal.  Seemed like he wasn’t in much of a hurry to get back on defense either.  He also had a bad goalie interference penalty in the 1st period that was unnecessary.  Captain Serious’ frustration is starting to show and I feel bad for who ever it gets taken out on.