Observations From Section 321: No Captain? No Problem!


The Blackhawks are picking the perfect time to play some defense and show some character.  The best part of the Hawks current 4 game winning streak is who they are doing it against.  Take away the Columbus game because everyone beats them (unless you’re San Jose, ouch!) the Blackhawks have beaten the Rangers, the Blues and now the Red Wings.  These are 3 of the top teams in the NHL and should have you feeling much better about this team’s chances than you did about a week ago.

Things didn’t start off as planned, with the Wings converting on an early power play.  The Blackhawks couldn’t clear the puck and Detroit took advantage of it.  Tired players in their own end do one of two things; take penalties or give up goals.  Most of the first ten minutes of the game was spent down at the Hawks end.  Jimmy Howard was awesome but the Blackhawks kept coming.  Hard work in front of the net will pay off and goes a long way in this league.

  • I never remember seeing the Detroit Red Wings being this slow before.  The Blackhawks were skating circles around them.  Niklas Lindstrom is one of the greatest defensemen to ever play the game but, when you are getting your doors blown off by Dave Bolland it might be time to consider other options.
  • How much fun is it watching Jimmy Hayes and Marcus Kruger get to the net?  Hayes is everything Bryan Bickell was supposed to be! If he ever learns to play defense we may have something. Kruger made up for his 1st period penalty by scoring the game winning goal in the 3rd.
  •  I am waiting for Patrick Kane to explode and carry this team for a few days.  It’s coming and he was awesome last night despite not showing up on the score sheet.
  • Speaking of guys who didn’t show up on the score sheet but had an awesome game, how good was Viktor Stalberg last night? He was causing turnovers left and right last.  I have never seen him forecheck like that before.
  • Who will score first Michael Frolik or the Blackhawks power play?  The Blackhawks did have some good chances on their 2nd power play but Jimmy Howard made some great saves.  Good to see Patrick Sharp off of the point and it nearly worked! No more forwards on the point please!
  • Q was playing with fire by putting John Scott out there on the PK.

My Blackhawks Player of the Game

Corey Crawford had himself another fantastic game last night.  I still think Detroit’s goal was a softie, but if that is the only one that gets by him I won’t complain.  I give Crow a ton of credit for changing his style in the middle of the season.  Ever since Crow has started to play deeper in the net his game has improved big time! His rebound control has been much better as well.  This kid works hard to be the best he can which makes him very easy to be a fan of.  I am just hoping there is not a relapse coming any time soon.

My Turd of the Game

The only time I even noticed Brendan Morrison was when he took a bad slashing penalty early in the 2nd period.  Morrison had a chance to make an impact with Jonathan Toews on the sidelines, but he literally did nothing.  In 6 games with the Blackhawks he has taken a grand total of 4 shots.  His ice time has gone from over 18 minutes in his first game to under 8 minutes last night.  This has turned out to be a complete bomb of a trade.