Blackhawks News

A Snowball’s chance in…..LA

By Keith Schultz

Going to win out in Cali- Yo man I don’t think so!!!

Not sure when the Chicago Blackhawks officially lost this game? when they got off the bus without Jonathon Towes, when they were unsuccessful on their first power play chance, or when Dustin Brown scored the first of his three goals on the LA Kings first power play chance. One thing that is becoming very evident is that this team has very little confidence right now and it is extremely shaky at best!

The confidence has to start with the dreaded power play that is 0-39 now.  As stated here before the Hawks have absolutely no excuse for this stat!  They have some of the best offensive talent in the league, but when this unit cannot capitalize, it is dragging the rest of the teams confidence in the proverbial toilet!  Another thing that is coming to light is that if the Hawks give up a goal early on the road that you might as well turn the TV off because this game is over.   The Hawks cannot seem to rebound on the road anymore from an early goal, tonights first one hurt too because the Kings collected it on their power play!

The Hawks have seemed to become everyone’s streak buster now which is unsettling.  After ending a Stars drought Thursday night, The Kings with the help of the powerplayless Hawks ended their four game losing skid and helped Brown who had only scored once in 13 games to get 3 in 15 minutes!!

What will Stan Bowman do now? Is he actually doing anything?  Sadly Dale Tallon would have done something (probably overpaid highly for someone) but he would have acted by now!  Please tell me that Stan has the Biggest of all rabbits he’s about to pull out of his hat today or tomorrow!!  This team needs a JOLT of confidence and sadly it may only come via a trade deadline heist!  The signs have been there since December that changes needed to be made, and that the Hawks had cap space and picks to fix the issue, i’m not sure waiting until Monday was the best course of action!!

This team does miss it’s Captain!! they are now 1-2 without him (how did we beat Detroit without him again?) The Hawks have also scored less goals in each game he sits out 2,1,0 (at least we can’t score negative goals in Anaheim tonight)   This trend is sadly becoming a Chicago sports trend this season, with injuries to the most important player on the team at the worst time of the season! Cutler’s thumb, Rose’s back and toe, and now Towes’s head (and Mercedes)  Castro better be careful in Arizona!

The Hawks loss  leaves them only 5 points ahead of missing the playoffs, and again they lost to a boarderline team in LA, they allowed 4 goals against to the team that struggles the most in the entire NHL to score goals! LA was dead last with 129 goals scored.   Now we move to Anaheim tonight! These are 2 big points to get before flying back to Chicago!!  Towes and Niklas Hjalmarsson are suppose to be back Wednesday and maybe Stan pulls an upset and gets a big trade(s) done!

It’s hard to believe that only 19 games remain this season, so taking down the Walt Disney Ducks of Anaheim will be huge tonight,  The Hawks had seemed to stablalize themselves at this time last week,  they need to get the confidence and W’s back quickly! Stanley Cup tourney is right around the corner, don’t want to miss it!!


Lets go Hawks!!!