Observations From Section 321: Never A Chance


The Nashville Predators own the Chicago Blackhawks.  Nothing seems to go right any time these two teams get together this year.  The Predators have taken 9 out of a possible 10 points from the Hawks this year.  If you arrived late missed Ed Belfour dropping the ceremonial puck then you missed the highlight of the game.  On a night where the Hawks were honoring one of their greatest goalies, the team’s current goalies embarrassed themselves.  The Blackhawks had a few chances early to take a lead but Pikke Rinne was up to the challenge.  The best way to beat Rinne is to get asses in his face.  With Marcus Kruger injured and Jimmy Hayes in the pressbox nobody was able and/or willing to get to the blue paint.  What happened on the Viktor Stalberg’s goal? Andrew Shaw screened Rinne and the puck went in, imagine that! Last night proved why the 6th seed is best for the Blackhawks.  If getting the 4th or 5th seed means a 1st round series against Nashville, you can keep it.  The Blackhawks would be lucky to take a series against the Preds to 6 games.  Not only does Nashville provide a boatload of match up problems, they are also in the Hawks collective heads.  As bad as last night was, lets not lose sight of the big picture.  The Blackhawks are 10-5-1 without Jonathan Toews which is pretty damn good if you ask me.

  • Corey Crawford must have had nightmares about the Predator from the Schwarzenegger classic as a kid because he wets himself every time he is on the ice against them.  Some of Crow’s worst games of the season have come against Nashville.  He wasn’t very good at all last night even though all four goals were deflected at some point.  Ray Emery was not very good either in relief.  I think you still send Crow out there against the Devils on Tuesday night to show the team still has confidence in him.
  • The Blackhawks power play had zero shots during 8 minutes of power play time.  Let me repeat that, no shots in 8 flippin’ minutes!!!  That is beyond bad.  The Blackhawks had a chance to get back in the game right after falling behind 2-0 with a power play but screwed the pooched.  They spent the first minute of the that power play just trying to get the puck in the zone. Just when you think the power play couldn’t sink any lower last night happens.
  • Dave Bolland’s roughing penalty at the start of the 2rd period was one of the dumber things he has done all season.  At that point you are only down 2 so you can not afford to be stupid with one of the elite power play units in the league.  He takes a selfish penalty which the Preds quickly turn into a goal and the game is over.
  • Brent Seabrook had a rough night with pucks bouncing off of him and going into his own net.
  • I wonder what could have happened if Johnny Oduya didn’t get robbed by Rinne in the 1st period.  I apologize, that’s the Cubs fan coming out in me.
  • Enough of Brandon Bollig already please! This guy is a clown and offers nothing to this hockey team.

My Blackhawks Player of the Game

Not much to chose from but I am going to go with Nick Leddy.  Leddy picked up his 30th assist on the Hawks only goal.  He also managed to be only -1 in nearly 24 minutes of ice time, which isn’t bad considering the Blackhawks gave up 6 goals.

My Turd of the Game

No doubt Brendan Morrison was the biggest bag of suck on the ice last night.  What exactly does this guy do that is any good?  The first goal of the game came off of one of his turnovers.  Shea Weber’s goal came directly off a faceoff Morrison lost in his own zone.  To top it all of he finished the night -3.  He should be waived today.  You can’t tell me a kid like Brandon Pirri can’t give you more than Morrison does right now.  While Kruger is out move Patrick Sharp to center and let Jimmy Hayes play.  Please do not throw this washed up hack out there any more.