Observations From Section 321: Ho Humming Along


Ever since the Blackhawks punched their tickets to the playoffs, they’ve put it on cruise control in 2 game versus the Minnesota Wild.  There is no reason to lose 2 shootouts to a far inferior team, talent wise, like the Wild.  For the majority of the game last night it looked like neither team wanted to be there.  The Blackhawks had visions of playoff hockey in their heads and the Wild were thinking of how early a tee time they want on Monday morning.  It’s a shame the Hawks couldn’t get 2 extra points out of these games because they would have a legitimate shot at home ice advantage in the first round.  Tomorrow’s game against Detroit will decide where the Hawks go for their first round matchup.  If they beat the Wings in regulation they will get the 5th seed and play the Nashville Predators in the 1st round.  If they don’t win in regulation the Hawks will be the 6th seed and play the winner of tomorrow night’s game between the San Jose Sharks and the Los Angeles Kings.  I don’t really want to play Nashville but I also don’t want to lose to the Wings so tomorrow’s game will be an interesting one for sure.  On to the observations….

  • Corey Crawford looked very strong in net and seems to ready to guide his team into the playoffs.
  • The Blackhawks are not beating anybody with this craptacular power play.  11 minutes of power play time and only 6 shots.  When they had the extra attacker on the ice during the first delayed penalty call they looked fantastic.  They were moving the puck and Patrick Sharp nearly had a goal but was robbed by Josh Harding.  Once the actual power play started it was back to the clown shoes.  Not scoring at least one goal on the 5 minute major cost them this game.  Once that penalty expired, without any goals, I knew the Blackhawks were going to lose.  Why do the Hawks refuse to take shots from the point on the power play?  Did you see how the Wild scored their goal?  I hope you took some notes.  If you want teams to stop taking runs at your best players it wouldn’t hurt to cash in on a power play or two.
  • When did Dino Ciccarelli become the head coach of the Wild?  When did this team become so douchey?  Where was John Scott, er I mean, Brandon Bollig during all of this?
  • If Dany Heatley was as good at driving as he is at taking cheap shot slashes at Patrick Kane’s wrist, well……
  • Hey Michael Frolik made the score sheet!!!  He had a nice feed to Jamal Mayers for the Hawks only goal of the night.  Frolik needs to be on the ice come playoff time.  We know he will not score but his defense makes him a valuable asset.
  • Thank God there are no shootouts in the playoffs!
  • No more Sean O’Donnell please.
  • Nice job by Brendan Morrison actually making some hockey plays in his final game ever as a Blackhawk.  At least it better be his final game.

My Blackhawks Player of the Game

Jamal Mayers scored the only goal for the Blackhawks.  The 4th line, as a whole, had themselves a really good game.  They had a few strong shifts early in the game and it paid off with a goal.  Mayers also had a good night at the faceoff circle too.  If Jamal wants to play another season in the NHL I hope it is in a Chicago Blackhawks uniform.

My Turd of the Game

Apparently Nate Prosser  graduated at the head of his class from the Alex Burrows School of Hockey Douchebaggery.  He was kicked out of the game for doing his best Rick Steiner impression and giving Jamal Mayer a head butt.  What a bush league move.  If the Hawks had a mediocre power play they would have buried the Wild at that point.  Plays like that will not keep you in the NHL kid, that and your career -15 as a defenseman.  Enjoy the playoffs from your couch clown!