State Of The Obvious


When the President of the United States prepares his State of the Union Address, he has multiple writers getting a speech ready with new initiatives and new aspirations for our country.  It is full of information that people know and don’t know.  General Manager Stan Bowman delivered his State of the Blackhawks press conference today  probably hand written today on a 3x 5 card, and it could have been delivered by any fan that watched any part of this Chicago Blackhawk season. Nothing new was told, just facts were rehashed that any average fan could have observed

-This season was a disappointment!- It’s not just the fact that it is a season that didn’t end with a Stanley Cup, but its the 2nd consecutive season of not getting out of the first round.  Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are entering their young primes and this streak cannot keep continuing.

-Goal tending was not a strength!WOW what a understatement! Only the 5th season without a recorded shut out in Blackhawks history for starters. Throw in 7 games where the Hawks gave up 5 or more goals including 9 and 8 goals in Edmonton.  Corey Crawford was consistently inconsistent and Ray Emery had a nice stretch of games but was also very average most games.  Goal Tending wins Cups and this collection does not show that they have the talent to win a cup, even though a Sophomore Slump was blamed for Crawford’s woes

-Power Play was unacceptable! – Another shocker from our GM. He blamed the system and not the players. Duh!!! Our talent is second to none and finished top 5 total goals scored but bottom 5 in Power Play%.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the power play process (and coach) needs improved or…. a talented big guy in front of the net!!

Patrick Kane is going to enter next season as #2 center- After seasons of 21, 25,30,and 27 goals, his first season as part time center he slumped to 23 with the bulk of that coming at the end of the year when he re-assumed his RW position.  This announcement put Twitterverse is full comment mode and it should.  Marcus Kruger had a decent rookie season, but he seemed overmatched when the bright lights of the playoffs were turned on! A big time #2 center would seem to be one of the tune up pieces needed!

Nicklas Hjalmarsson is not untradeable! If the Hawks could know what they know now and go back 2 years ago, do they resign Niemi or Hjalmarsson?  Pretty sure they would change their minds and keep Niemi!! Hjalmarsson has seemed to really digress! He seems nervous with the puck and his knack for blind ring arounds cost the Hawks Game 1 of the series.

– Seemed strange that it was noted that Bowman and Coach Q had a good working relationship and were on the same page.  That it only looked difficult during the 9 game losing streak.  HMMMM  Coach Q did say they would not change philosophy and go to the grind it out defensive style of Nashville and Phoenix!!! THANK YOU!!!

Other Notes

Duncan Keith and Patrick Sharp will play for Team Canada this summer, while Jonathan Toews will not play to rest from his concussion and get ready for the off season. Hurray for Rest!!!!

Patrick Kane will not play for Team USA so he can rest a practice for next season. Hurray Face Off Practice!!

Victor Stalberg will play for Team Sweden.

Andrew Brunette will not return to the Blackhawks next season if he decides not to retire.

Marian Hossa has a concussion. This was pretty much assumed since he walked out of the hospital.  I’m sure it was pretty severe so its not assumed he will be ready for next season’s opener.

State of the Blackhawks complete and it’s only April 25! This has to be the exception and not the rule from this day forward!!!

Let’s Go Hawks!!