There are many curses and myths that people believe in, and seemed to be proved on yearly basis. The Boston Red Sox had the curse of the Bambino for 80 some years in between Red Sox World Series victories.  The Chicago Cubs have the curse of the Billy Goat which was first placed on the Cubs back in 1945, and the Cubs have not made it to the World Series since.  A stupid black cat ran in front of the Cubs dugout in New York and the 69 Cubs tanked it from that point on and missed the playoffs.  Things were even weirder when they blew up the Bartman ball to avoid any curse.   The Detroit Red Wing fans throw octupus on the ice to get their team to win the Cup which is pretty fishy and strange!  This year is suppose to end on 12-21-12 when the Mayans (who if they were so smart, why aren’t they still around) calendar ends and so allegedly does our universe!

On November 21, 2011 a new curse or maybe a strain of a curse has now entered the Chicago Sports scene! This is not a normal team curse, and not even a normal city curse like the city of Cleveland which hasn’t won a title of any kind since 1954.  This curse let’s our favorite teams make us sense that they have the ability to get a championship or take on championship form, and then when you start feeling good about the teams chances BAMMM!!!!!!!! The best and most important player on the team is lost for the rest of the year.  The season although it isn’t over, comes crashing to a complete hault without a chance to be salvaged.

Little did Chicago fans know that on that November night in Chicago when Jay Cutler threw a pass to Johnny Knox that something somewhere was PROVOKED! Cutler made a TD saving tackle but in the end broke his thumb and the Bears went winless throughout the playoff chase!  Matt Forte also sprained a ligament a couple games later which only helped the decline out of the playoff race.

The Chicago Blackhawks were hit by the Windy City Curse when it’s Captain and leader and Mr. Do Everything Jonathan Toews missed the final  22 games of the season with a concussion.  Toews made it back for Game 1 of the playoffs but this new curse didn’t stay dormant for long, until it took the form of Raffi Torres and took out the 2nd most important player for the Blackhawks Marian Hossa out for the remainder of the playoffs.  Everyone thought with the return of its Captain to the lineup that the Cup chase was on, but it was foiled with the Hossa injury(and giving up some super soft overtime goals).

With the Blackhawks out of the playoffs the new curse didn’t decide to take a vacation.  It moved on to the other home locker room in the United Center and decided to take down Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose with a little more than a minute left in Game 1 of the First Round of the Playoffs.  Yes the Bulls bench has played great without Rose for most of the season, but only a few people truly believe the Bulls can beat the Heat in a 7 game history.

The origins of the Windy City Curse are unknown, possibly spawned from the love child of Jay Cutler and reality show star Kristin Cavallari, or Brian Urlacher hanging out with Jenny McCarthy. The beginning is unkown but possible good news is that the new curse could possibly come to a crashing end… The Chicago Cubs are pretty bad well they are just awful.  Off to a 8-15 start, I’m pretty sure no one believes this out fit has a genuine possibility for a Championship.  Maybe this will kill off this Windy city curse!  I’m up for anything to end this curse even if its watching 125 Cubs games this season to end it!! The Windy City curse needs to be contained and destroyed!!

Hopefully this article doesn’t provoke the Windy City curse anymore and I’m sure nobody in the city wants to see another superstar go down.  If anyone knows how this curse started or how it can end please let me know ASAP!! Pretty much up to anything outside of human sacrifice!! Our teams are close to championship form and these injuries are killing them. It’s getting old watching undermanned teams trying to win playoff games and championships without their superstars this past year!  2012-2013 needs to be the year of Championships in Chicago!! Down with the Windy City Curse and ON TO More Chicago Championships! Everybody loves a PARADE!!