Does Q Need To Brush Up On His French?


Last week the Montreal Canadiens hired the Blackhawks assistant GM Marc Bergevin  to be their new general manager.  This is a move that can start a chain reaction throughout the organization.  One move has already taken place as the Hawks promoted Norm Maciver to assistant GM.  Maciver was the team’s Director of Player Personnel this past season and was the Director of Player Development prior to that.  I am expecting a few more moves within the front office before this is all said and done.

But could Bergevin’s move cause some major changes to the team on the ice too?  On Sunday night’s broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada, Elliotte Friedman  reported that the Habs are interesting in bringing Joel Quenneville as their next head coach.  I wasn’t shocked at this rumor, but I wouldn’t be so fast in dismissing it.  It is no secret that Q and general manager Stan Bowman are not exactly on the same page.  That was quite evident when Barry Smith was called upon to help the team’s struggling power play.  Word on the street says that was an order from Scottie Bowman and Q was never consulted on it.  Stan Bowman let it be known, during his post season address, that he wasn’t happy with some of the coaching decisions made during the season.  Bowman and the rest of the top brass have to disappointed in getting knocked out of the playoffs, in the first round, each of the last two seasons.  This could be their easy out.  Do not be surprised if Bowman gives Montreal permission to speak with Quenneville about their head coaching job.  Bowman and the Hawks can sugar coat the move all they want so they do not look like the bad guys.  I am middle of the road on Q, I like quite a bit of what he does and some of his antics drive me up the wall.  I don’t think the Hawks will let Q go, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they do either.  It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.  And in case you are wondering, yes, Q does speak French.