Top 10–#1 Al Secord


Al Secord (Mandatory Credit-Mike Powell-Getty Images)

My top 10 concludes where most peoples lists probably would not.  My #1 favorite player in my lifetime (so far) is Al Secord.  Secord was the package of everything you have to like about hockey. Secord could score, check, and fight!  In the an era when everyone is a specialist and every team has their scorers, their checkers and of course their enforcer, back in the 1980’s the Blackhawks had all in one with Secord.

Maybe it was being along with Doug Wilson, the last Blackhawks not to wear a helmet when playing, but as a kid Secord was recognizable and seemed like a tough guy because he didn’t need a the head wear.  The thing people remember about Secord is his trips to the penalty box which could be very frustrating when it happened at crucial times of games. Secord racked up over 2000 penalty minutes in his career including over 300 penalty minutes in the 1981-1982 season which he also scored 40 goals.  In that season Secord is the only NHL player to ever score over 40 goals and  record 300 penalty minutes!

What most people forget is how really great a scorer Secord was, including becoming only the 2nd Blackhawk all-time to score 50 goals in a season following only the great Bobby Hull as the first two Blackhawks ever to score 50 goals.  Secord was on the line with Denis Savard and Steve Larmer that put up huge points on regular basis.  Savard and Larmer had better longevity statistics with the Blackhawks, but Secord was the only one on that line ever to have a 50 goal season.

Secord was an all time favorite because he could fight and even though in the politcally correct hockey of 2012 where we blast Brandon Bollig for fighting and not playing hockey.  Secord could do it all and that is why he was my favorite player of my youth and still my favorite of today.  Here is a video clip from a few years back talking about Secord.

Secord was drafted by the Boston Bruins and after some disappointing seasons was traded to Chicago in 1980 where playing with Larmer and Savard his career blossomed.  He was a mainstay for most of the 80’s except for when injuries robbed him of a lot of games.  He was traded with Ed Olczyk but ended NHL career with the Hawks in 1990 and with it the end of an era not just the helmet but a player that could do it all and throw a punch!

Secord never would win a Stanley Cup with the Blackhawks because of Wayne Gretzky and crew, but he gave us all a lot of memories in Chicago Stadium from the horn sounding after a goal to everyone standing during a fight!

Here’s a review of my Top 10 Blackhawks all-time.

10. Murray Bannerman

9. Pat Foley

8. Antti Niemi

7. Doug Wilson

6. Jonathan Toews

5. Denis Savard

4. Ed Olczyk

3. Patrick Kane

2. Jeremy Roenick

1. Al Secord

I hope you enjoyed the list I would like to see anybody else’s top 10 or 5 at anytime in the comments section!