Chicago Blackhawks reliving 2010 thrills


Photo by Maggie Avila

As the lockout continues, everyone is struggling with finding material to talk, write and broadcast about. CSN Chicago has been running Blackhawk classic games in an attempt to fill their programming void as live Blackhawks games are benched for now.

This past Thursday CSN re-aired the 2010 quarterfinal Stanley Cup playoff game 5 versus the Nashville Predators. I’m not sure if there has ever been a more thrilling and improbable hockey game that has ever been played in Chicago Blackhawk history.

Watching the game brought back all kinds of feelings. How I felt when the game originally occurred, the thrills and sheer disbelief I had at the time at what I had witnessed. I knew that the 2010 Blackhawks were good maybe even great, but I never thought they were mythical until that game.

One could never even write a script that could compare to what actually happened that day at the Madhouse on Madison. The impossible happened that only happens in movies or fantasy yet it did occur in reality. It was at this point all of Chicago knew they were witnessing something very special on the ice.

That game not only turned the series to the Blackhawks but probably turned the entire Stanley Cup campaign their way as well. In all the years that I had watched sports I still can not recall anything that comes close to magic as that game.

Looking back at that 2010 team now and all the talent that they had from the first line to the fourth line, I’m not sure you will ever see that again on any NHL team.  The talent is one thing but the chemistry on that team was unbelievable both on and off the ice.  They were the perfect marriage of finesse and physicality.  That team had so much on ice flow it was sick.

When Patrick Kane scored that goal with only 13.6 left in regulation to tie the game and push OT I remember jumping off my couch in euphoria and disbelief.  I never thought it was possible with them being shorthanded for 5minutes in OT that they could win. I’m not sure what the odds were against them but it had to be the same as winning the lottery.

I don’t think I will ever forget Marion Hossa coming from the penalty box after serving the major to the far board faceoff circle and pushing the puck past Pekke Rinne into a wide open net and his knee sliding celebration as the Madhouse lived up to it’s name phenomenal.

I have to admit at the time I did feel bad for the Nashville Predator fans because if I did not believe what I was seeing so I was sure they must have been completely stunned. The Blackhawks somehow won a game they should not have against one of the best defensive teams in the NHL and against a spectacular goalie.

I’m not sure at the time I fully appreciated that team but I sure do now. I know that was a team that only comes around once in a lifetime and fortunately Chicago got to experience their talents and magic. It’s always fun reliving fond memories but let’s hope that new memories and magic can be made soon at the United Center.

What was your favorite memory of that game?

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