Playoff Q & A With The Friends Of The Octopi

By Keith Schultz

May 2, 2013; Anaheim, CA, USA; Octopus is seen on the ice surface following the Detroit Red Wings 5-4 overtime victory against the Anaheim Ducks in game two of the first round of the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs at the Honda Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I recently sat down with Peter Fish of Octopus Thrower to discuss the Red Wings upset of the Anaheim Ducks and their upcoming series with the Chicago Blackhawks.  Here is how  he answered our questions for this upcoming rivalry series.

BU-Will Babcock keep Pavel  Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg on separate lines to help deal with the Hawks depth?

OT-You never really know with Babcock. No one expected them to be split up in Game Seven, but Babcock decided to do it and they played very well apart. Which ever way he decides to set up the lines for Game One, they could change at any time. As for the depth argument, Valtteri Fippula was very good defensively against Getzlaf’s line and Babcock would trust him to center a line to shut down either the Patrick Kane or Dave Bolland line.

BU-Do you think this could end up another goaltender battle like we saw in the regular season?

OT-It certainly will be. Jimmy Howard has come up big in the playoffs and Corey Crawford always plays well against the Red Wings. I hope it is not a low scoring affair though because the Red Wings do not win those games.

BU-If the Wings pull out an upset will it be from the players gutting it out or will this be a Babcock strategy win?

OT-The players will have to gut this on out. Strategy only goes so far, it is what the players do with hat strategy and how badly they want to play that wins games.

BU-Has the 7 game battle with the ducks drained Detroit? or will little down time keep them on their toes?

OT-None of the overtime games seemed to have fazed the Red Wings, so I will go out on a limb and say going that the seven game series did not drain Detroit. In the playoffs teams run on adrenaline and emotion and the Wings have those in spades.

BU– With the retirement of Niklas Lidstrom and the injury to Danny DeKeyser who will step up for the Detroit defense?

OTCarlo Colaiacovo was slotted into Danny DeKesyer’s spot on the blue line and has done a pretty good job there, but the whole defense has to step up this series. They were solid defensively and position wise for the most part, but the passes and the turnovers have killed the Wings all season. They cannot have those problems against the Hawks.


BU-Is there a Red Wings player that Hawks fans don’t know that will be a household name at the end of the series?

OT-It is hard to come up with one since they play so often, but I will go with Joakim Andersson. Andersson centers the third line, which is consistently one on the Wings most dangerous lines on the ice. You won’t here his name called much, but he is winning about 54% of his face-offs and he doesn’t get pushed around.

BU– This question is sponsored by Shedd Aquarium-How many octopus will we see in Joe Louis arena?

OT-As many as possible. About three to five get thrown on the ice during the national anthem so my over under is set at six. I am looking forward to seeing some octopi on the ice at the United Center.

BU-What is your prediction?

OT-Despite how bad Joel Quenneville led teams have been against the Wings in the playoffs and how much I want to say the Wings will win, I have to say the Hawks will take it in the decisive game seven.

There you have it we have the Hawks in 6 games and Octopus Thrower has the Hawks in 7 games.  Thanks again to Peter Fish for spending the time to answer our questions.  Our answers will be up on Octopus Thrower tomorrow afternoon.

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