Hawks Won’t Find Stanley Cup In The Box

By Joe Kremel

Toews Is In Disbelief As Another Stupid Penalty Is Called, The Ref Is Just Happy To Be In The Spotlight. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

After watching the Hawks shoot themselves in the foot in the third period of game three, I started to get this feeling of familiarity.  That’s when it hit me.  We are playing like the Canucks.  WOAH! Put down the pitchforks and hear me out.  Think back to the 08-09 and the 09-10 series against Vancouver.  Everyone was talking about how the Hawks had found a way to get the Nucks off their game, how we forced them into dumb penalties.  How the Nucks couldn’t string a set of passes together without trying to hit a Hawk in the process ‘cause the Hawks were driving them insane.  While I don’t think we were driving them that crazy, it can’t be denied we did bring out the worst in them.  In both of those series, we took fewer penalties than our opponent, and when we were on the PP we put a few pucks in the net.  Now back to present day where the Hawks have already taken three more penalties than the Wings (I’m ignoring Shaw’s 10 min misconduct).  Now, you can argue that despite the penalties, the Hawks aren’t really playing a different style of game.  But last time I checked, racing to the penalty box wasn’t the point of Hawks hockey.  We spent seven minutes of the third in the box, and when you are trying to claw your way back, that’s unacceptable.  There are a few other issues the Hawks need to fix, but relying on short-handed goals is not the strategy I would personally take.  On to the bullets!

  • Handzus is O’Donnell slow, and when you’re playing center it shows a lot more.  Anyone thinking of giving Pirri a try for the fourth line center?  Or possibly bringing in Morin/Smith and leaving Kruger in his native center position?
  • The refs have been borderline comical, but no one is really laughing.  This fact doesn’t excuse the complete lack of self-control of the Hawks players *cough*SHAW*cough*
  • Speaking of refs… DROP THE @*#$ PUCK!  From what I’ve heard down in rumorville, the face off asshattery will be a topic of discussion between the NHL and the Ref’s union for next season.
  • Crow has been looking solid since the Clutterbuck goal in game 1 of the Wild series.  Though, I was reading that Q was screaming at him on the bench, anyone catch that? Cuz I didn’t.
  • If Stalberg’s hands were half as good as his feet, he would be one hell of a star!  Oh, but don’t worry Wings fans, they aren’t remotely close.  I like what Stalberg tries to do, because most of the time he creates some great opportunities and teams have to respect him and his speed.  Unfortunately the Hawks haven’t found a consistent use for his speed, and Stalberg doesn’t seem to have any answers either. But my god, can he skate.  When he isn’t launching himself headfirst into the boards, of course.
  • Toews is getting worked over, and he hasn’t snapped yet.  Everyone can agree that the Wings can’t keep Toews in check forever.  Like in the Van series of 10-11, I expect Toews to wow us at a timely moment. Hopefully soon.  Hint hint.
  •  One last thing, I’m already completely sick of Pierre. Please NBC, just stop the madness already!

What do you think Hawks fans?  Is it time for some call ups?  Toews going to explode come game four?  Let us know your opinion!