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2013 Chicago Blackhawks Celebration Moments

By JoHannah Lowder

Jun 24, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Members of the Chicago Blackhawks celebrate after defeating the Boston Bruins 3-2 in game six of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of any sport know that half the fun in winning is celebrating with each other and watching the team celebrate. Chicago Blackhawks fans managed to have quite a few of those moments over the past season, and no celebration was more satisfying than the ones in the playoffs. Here are a few of the highlight celebrations through the 2013 playoffs.

Game 6 against the Detroit Red Wings was one of only three do-or-die games for the Blackhawks during the playoffs. Michael Frolik‘s penalty shot was a strong boost to the visitors at the Joe Louis Arena and helped keep the momentum of the game, and ultimately the series, in favor of the Blackhawks. The best part of Frolik’s drive-by the Wings’ bench is guessing what Pavel Datsyuk says to him. Can you figure it out?

The massive celebration to clench the Red Wings series centers around Brent Seabrook‘s Game 7 OT goal. After an emotional rollercoaster, his teammates were ready to dog-pile him against the glass. They may have accidentally suffocated him a little bit because he looks extremely relieved to get his face above everyone’s heads and arms.

Patrick Kane has quite a few amazing celebrations in his repertoire, but I think this one takes the cake. He’s not just celebrating a goal, but a double-overtime game-winning goal that completed a hat trick and sent the Blackhawks past the Los Angeles Kings in 5 games and on to play for the Stanley Cup. That’s worth a celebration like this.

As relieved as we all were for Game 1 against the Boston Bruins to end on Andrew Shaw‘s shin pads, the look on Shaw’s face says he was more than happy to end it in any way he could. This celebration is a little more tame as Shaw collapses exhausted into a hug with his buddy Brandon Bollig.

I’m not entirely sure what game this is from, but this Bruins fan drowns his sorrows as Blackhawks fans celebrate something happy at the United Center. Priceless.

This is a moment that will never get old. Two minutes away from a Game 7 back in Chicago, now celebrating winning the Stanley Cup in one of the most unforgettable sequences in NHL history. Of course, Corey Crawford deserves to be in the center of it all. But that pesky net can be in the most inconvenient places sometimes.

There are the team moments and then there are the individual moments between teammates. Jokes and laughter are important parts of celebration and apparently Kane has a pretty great one to share with the captain after winning the Stanley Cup. I assume it’s something about Mario Kart.

The former Blackhawks Conn Smythe Trophy winner congratulates the newest Blackhawks Conn Smythe Trophy winner. Teammates. Friends. And both with so many years of hockey ahead.

Bowl in the right hand or the left? Do I kiss it? Is my beard full enough? What should I not say as I’m hoisting the Stanley Cup on national television? Those are just a few of the questions that didn’t cross their minds as the Blackhawks celebrated individual moments with the Cup on the ice.

RARE SIGHTING: Jonathan Toews is still very happy after the Boston stadium has cleared out, and decides to celebrate by… moon walking. This could be a side effect of winning the Stanley Cup for the second time in four seasons. Maybe after the third championship his moves will be a little more Michael Jackson-esque.

If the Blackhawks are going to keep winning championships, they should invest in dancing lessons. The silly moments continue as Coach Joel Quenneville breaks out a few moves of his own. It might seem weird at first, but when you realize he’s holding the Stanley Cup, it all makes sense. Dance away, Coach, and let us know what it’s like to smoke a champagne-soaked cigar.

Although we’re all counting down the days until the return of hockey, we Blackhawks fans can say we had a pretty great summer. Long live the celebrations!

Do you have captions for the Datsyuk or Kane and Toews moments? Let us know in the comments!

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