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Blackhawks’ Quotes Of the Week

By Joe Kremel

Hossa reacts to being asked about the Hawks Power Play last year. I think he summed it up in his reaction alone. GIF by Joe Kremel of

With five games in the books we had a few more opportunities to listen in as our beloved Blackhawks speak out.  Between first career goals and first goals of the season for our younger Hawks, and Patrick Sharp’s baby, we got some fun quotes.

#4 quote of the week – Hossa is a fan favorite for good reason; he’s unstoppable when he’s on top of his game.  Though recently, Hossa has been working through another injury, and he is noticeably struggling.  He talks a bit about how he’s getting back to form.

"“I’m still working on it. It’s not ideal, or where I want it to be still. Still working after practices a little bit, timing the shots. Timing.  Basically, those types of things.”"

I recently wrote about Hossa and his work ethic on the empty net goal against the Capitals, and this exactly supports my thoughts.  Hossa is never satisfied, and that pushes him to continue to work to be better.  That’s exactly the type of player you want as a role model for the younger players.

Joel Quenneville is interviewed during media day. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

#3 quote of the week – Q on Ben Smith, a player a lot of Hawks fans have been wanting to crack the lineup.

"“He’s been fine.  Being in and out of the lineup he comes in and gives you what you’re looking for.”"

Q gets asked about Smith’s playoff performance and if he has a future with the team.

"“Let’s hope.  We think he was on that curve, he definitely had some major setbacks health-wise. And got it going late in the year last year, got to come in at the end.  So, we’re optimistic that he can do that.” “He’s one of those guys always on that bubble, but he’s going to do everything he can to make sure he’s on the right side.”"

While this quote isn’t fun or unique, it does show a vote of confidence for the young winger.  Smith has caught the eye of number of fans after his performance in the Vancouver series a few years back, so it’s good to know he’s being given the chance to make the jump to the NHL.

Patrick Sharp dressed up for Halloween. Yes, he’s a tough hockey player but he can still be a regular old dad off the ice.

#2 quote of the week – Sharp on having his second child.

"“Awesome timing.  Both of my daughters I guess are Hawks fans, both came in the middle of the season on an off day. I didn’t even get to miss a practice”"

Patrick Sharp is a happy father again.  Sorry ladies, I know it must be heartbreaking to have yet another reminder that Sharp is off the market.

Nordstrom celebrates his first career goal. GIF by Joe Kremel of

#1 quote of the week – Nordstrom on scoring his first NHL goal.

"“I kind of exploded inside.” “It’s always nice to get the first goal. It felt good.”"

He later went on to talk about Marcus Kruger’s father coaching him and playing with Marcus’s younger brother.  Nordstrom has shown signs that he has a unique skill set to bring to the team, but it’s still obvious he’s a rookie.  His first few games were a little lackluster, but that didn’t take away from the flashes of brilliance.  If he can adjust to the North American game, the kid could easily find a niche on the squad.  Congrats Nordstrom on your first NHL goal.