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Blackhawks’ Quotes Of The Week: Sharp, Toews, & Hossa

By Joe Kremel

Nov 9, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; Chicago Blackhawks right wing Marian Hossa (81) celebrates scoring a goal in the first period against the Dallas Stars at American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Coaches Corner

Q on Hossa having one of the best games ever against the Coyotes:

"“That line was good. They have been really good in the stretch.  We could talk about each guy, but Hossa had a lot of strips, had great pace to his game.  An exciting week for him, having his second baby, and he’s playing well.”"

The quote may not be the most notable quote that has ever come from the mouth of Q, but he is absolutely right.  That Toews/Hossa line has been unequaled in terms of possession.  It was even more noticeable in the game against the Predators.  Sometimes,the team can rely on the play of the stars a little too much.  Hossa doesn’t take nights off when healthy, and the team shouldn’t either.

The Voice Of The Players

Toews on the effort against the Predators:

"“We got out worked, we didn’t do the right things we needed to do, we didn’t win our battles especially in the right areas that we needed to.  Tonight was unacceptable. We wanted to just go out there and make plays and avoid contact.”"

Toews hits the nail on the head.  The Hawks did absolutely nothing right in that game against the Preds.  Board battles were a joke, the cycle never got established, and everyone looked disinterested.  Sunday was a perfect example of playing with focus and Saturday was an example of playing with none.  Q and Toews definitely had the boys ready for the Sharks.  The cup hasn’t killed Toews’s competitive spirit.

Sharp on Shaw being on the team and getting an extension:

"“Shawzie has been great since he came into the league. We always make fun of him in the locker room and say that if you just look at him he doesn’t look like a NHL player, but boy does he have a big heart.”"

You don’t have to be a top line star to have the respect of the fans and team.  Shaw doesn’t have the skill set that Kane has, that isn’t a secret.  That’s what makes Shaw that much more impressive.  No one wanted a 5’10” checking-line center. Shaw was passed over in two drafts before the Hawks scooped him up.  It’s clear that the players, much like the fans, are glad to have Shaw as a part of the team.

#1 Quote Of The Week

Marian Hossa laughing as his own comment about having a third kid to help motivate sharp to score goals is used against him.

GIF by Joe Kremel of

Hossa on his own comment about Sharp having a third kid to score more goals:

"“[bursts out laughing] Did I say that? [more laughing] I think we’re good now.”"

Click HERE for the link to the video.

Hossa on 52 shots on goal against phoenix:

"“ [in shock]  WHAT?! No way!  [chuckles] Yeah that’s a lot of shots.  He’s a great goalie but we once again found a way to win.”"

He would go on to talk about a gift for his new daughter:

"“I picked up the puck after a goal for my little daughter and I’m going to go see them in the hospital right now.”"

Big Hoss has been playing great up until he got injured.  His confidence is evident with his lively interviews lately.  Hossa usually is a bit more subdued, and its great to see him confident, happy, and feeling great. Well, outside of his injury.