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Blackhawks’ Quotes Of The Week: Q On Bicks, Raanta & Shaw

By Joe Kremel

Nov 23, 2013; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw (65) scores against Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo (1) and forward Alexandre Burrows (14) during the third period at Rogers Arena. The Chicago Blackhawks won 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Coaches Corner

Q on Bickell’s injury and cap issues –

"We have business decisions, along with economic decisions, with hockey decisions, and getting the right fit.  That might play into our hands, but we’ll see what exactly is available."

This one was interesting to hear.  Have the Blackhawks been looking to dump Bickell after paying him the money to stay in Chicago?  His production so far isn’t a shock.  He has never been a regular season performer, and if the Hawks thought money would make him stand out… they were wrong.  I like Bicks, but he was never going to live up to that inflated value.  It would be great for Bickell to come back healthy and have a positive impact.  I also hope that Q’s answer to the question was poorly worded, and that the Hawks didn’t completely miscalculate the whole Bickell signing.

The Voice Of The Players

Antti Raanta on his chance to play –

"The target has been all the time that I could play someday in the nhl. In Rockford I had got good games so I know that I can do it. Only now it’s the small things."

He would go on to say –

"We have to keep on doing hard work and prepare to be even better all the time"

Raanta is already looking to pan out better than Alexander Salak!  Salak was similarly touted as a possible star goalie, but his attitude was so bad the Hawks just let him walk.  Raanta’s attitude seems to be in the right place, and he seems content with his current situation.  Let’s hope he can continue to develop and keep the future of the crease bright.

Jeremy Morin on learning while in Chicago

"Every time you come up you try to learn and try to get better.  I went down there and played two games and tried to bring some of the things you learn up here. The intensity and how to play the right way, and just try to bring that down there."

A lot of people were concerned with Morin’s treatment while with the Blackhawks.  Between a low amount of ice time, and being a healthy scratch while Brookbank took his roster spot, a number of people worried Morin might not be so keen on wanting to stay in Chicago.  His contract is up after this season, but luckily it sounds like he is taking it well.  He hasn’t been the best of the Rockford guys, but he certainly was better than Brookbank could ever be at the wing.

Crow on worrying about focus during a game –

"I just got to worry about what I’m doing, the more I think about our guys trying to score I’m losing focus on my game. I’m just worried about focusing on the puck and making some saves."

On Duncan Keith’s strong play in Vancouver –

"He plays that way every game it’s nothing new from him.  He’s one of the best D-men in the league so were pretty used to that by now."

Crawford is absolutely right about not worrying about scoring.  Some teams rely heavily on their goalie to get through games and that pressure can build over a course of the season.  Being able to purely focusing on his job is a luxury that Crow appreciates.  Another thing that every goalie wants is to know that his defense will be there to bail him out when need be.  Keith had a few huge plays against the Canucks, and Crow often gets to reap the benefits of the Hawks playing a solid team game.

#1 Quote Of The Week

Shaw on his bad penalty in Vancouver –

"I felt bad for taking it obviously, and I put the team down by two (guys) and they capitalize on it.  I felt like I needed to work a little bit harder and get one back for the boys."

This one is important, because it shows Shaw has learned a bit from last year’s playoffs.  If you forget what I’m referring to, Shaw took a number of bad penalties in the Detroit series, and Handzus pulled him aside to give him some worldly advice and guidance.  Shaw took an extremely dumb penalty and instead of losing focus, he used it to get one back.  Shaw is an unlikely player in the NHL.  He is way too small to play the checking role, and yet he hits anything and everything.  He is willing to stand in front of the net and screen goalies.  I’m excited to watch Shaw develop over the course of his career with the Blackhawks.