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Chicago Blackhawks Christmas Eve Movie Review

By JoHannah Lowder

Dec 23, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Nick Leddy (8) reacts after scoring a goal against the New Jersey Devils during the third period at United Center. Chicago defeats New Jersey 5-2. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas, Blackhawks fans! If you’re considering watching any movies on Christmas day, we have a few suggestions for Blackhawks fans. We’ve reviewed a few of our favorite movies from the Chicago Blackhawks holiday video.

“The Karate Kid”

The matchup between Andrew Shaw and Antti Raanta is just unfair because any Blackhawks fan will be torn between the two. Shaw endears himself to viewers by his passion and enthusiasm, but Raanta smiles so much that audiences can’t help but like him in spite of his Finnish-accented threats.


Brandon Bollig proves that, if anything, that his acting skills remain consistent over time because he has been putting time and effort into refining other skills. Someone is going to be very sorry that they shot young Bollig’s pa, that’s for sure. He can also grow facial hair now.


Few people know this, but Duncan Keith auditioned for this role at the 2013 Stanley Cup Championship parade in Chicago. Remember that drunken parade speech? Here’s a refresher.

Keith practices his Scottish accent as a hobby, and it shines in his portrayal of William Wallace in Braveheart.


Any Blackhawks fans who likes the Twilight series will love it even more. And for those of us who have loved ones who force us to watch the movies, we’ll tolerate it a little more solely because of Corey Crawford‘s performance as Jacob Black. As a bonus, in the scenes when Jacob rips off his shirt to change into a werewolf, there is an Indianhead sweater underneath. That’s worth any Blackhawks fans time.


A few Blackhawks fans and many small children already suspected that Brent Seabrook was a vampire, so casting the defenseman as this classic character has remove all doubt from their minds. Ironically, Seabrook doesn’t change his personality that much in the movie. He still hides in the shadows, avoids cameras as much as possible, and shows off his widow’s peak quite nicely.

“Captain America”

Ben Smith has all of the ambition, convictions, and personality to be Captain America. His good manners and boyish charm take center stage as he saves America from bullies, bad etiquette, and those pesky Vancouver Canucks – all tasks he can accomplish while wearing the red, white, and blue or the black and red!


Michael Kostka plays a less-than-enthusiastic Greek god in the movie Thor. He prefers swinging the hammer to saying things, but we recommend this movie because he has one of the most riveting flows in the league (and Hollywood).


Patrick Sharp may get an unexpected Christmas gift in the form of an Academy Award nomination for his role as Batman. Although he has never spoken of his role before, it is clear that being Batman has been a secret ambition of his for quite a while. In one word of caution, Sharp’s commitment to the role produces a slightly more cheerful Batman than audiences are used to.

“Star Wars”

Patrick Kane extends his acting resume from wearing glasses and a red cape to playing the evil Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars. Never before has a character stated the plot so clearly and succinctly for audiences to enjoy. His portrayal of Anakin begs one question: what kind of things could Kane do with a lightsaber on the ice?


If there is one character that Jonathan Toews was born to play, it is Wolverine. The Blackhawks captain turns into Wolverine every year in the playoffs, so why not play him in the movie? He’s a natural. Blackhawks fans will appreciate a less serious version of Toews as he smirks at his witty references to hockey throughout the film.

Which movie and Blackhawks player would you watch this holiday season?

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