My Stadium Series Experience: Blackhawks VS Penguins


Mar 1, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews (19) celebrates after scoring a goal against the Pittsburgh Penguins during the second period in a Stadium Series hockey game at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

When the Blackhawks put extra tickets on sale for the Stadium Series game, I knew I had to have them. While still doing my job, I logged in on ticket master at 10:00am on my phone. I clicked best available and yes right away. It took an hour to process my order but I got my two tickets. My seats were in Section 253, Row 8, seats 6 and 7.

On game day the temperature was a high of 15 and a low of 2 with the wind chill.  My Dad and I got downtown at 4:30pm. The snow started to fall and the temperature started to drop as soon as we parked. We walked several blocks over to Solider Field. My hat obsession got the better of me and I purchased the Stadium Series Blackhawks baseball hat at a vendor by the underpass. As we walked through the Museum Campus, we saw Governor Pat Quinn get out of his car and enter the Museum pregame party. I was literally 3 feet away from the Governor.

We entered the Stadium at 5:10pm and had plenty of time to kill before puck drop. We walked around the entire stadium taking pictures of the ice. While walking we picked up the Stadium Series winter hat. I was amazed by the lack of layers people wore. I had a t-shirt, a thermal shirt, an Addias “warm” sweatshirt, a down small jacket, an Omni heat jacket, and a Colombia shell on my upper body. On my lower body I had shorts, fleece sweatpants, snow pants, gators, soccer socks, and thermal socks in snow boots. I wore my red Patrick Kane Jersey over everything, Omni heat hat, and Blackhawks snow hat on top. Going into this game I was 4-0 at games while wearing my read Kane Jersey. I saw people just wearing winter hats jerseys with sweatshirts underneath.

When we finally got to our seats in the north end zone; the snow starts to pick up. We watched the Blackhawks warm up; they entered the Stadium from the north tunnel.  The honoring of the Bears and Blackhawks greats was very short. We were subjected to “Plain White Tees” before the game. I am not a fan, if they weren’t from Chicago people would have booed. They did play “Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight” as the Blackhawks and Penguins walked in.  The Anthem was an amazing experience. My one regret was not videoing that on my phone.

The snow was cool, but there was so much of it. I kept dusting myself off when I could. The Patrick Sharp goal was in the south end zone. When Sharp scored Solider field erupted. The Jonathan Toews goal was scored in the north end zone and we got a perfect view of it. When Toews left the ice for the second intermission, he waved his arms for the crowd to cheer and cheer they did.

We had great views of the Bryan Bickell goal, Kris Versteeg goal, Toews second goal, and the Penguins only goal scored by Brent Seabrook. These were all scored in the north end zone net. The Bickell goal got a laugh in my area because the fans behind me were trashing him. After each goal people sang along with the “Dagger”. No more matter how cold people were they always got up for the “Dagger”

On TV people did not get full snow experience. The snow was being cleared constantly. It was snowing so badly at one point that we could not see the south end of the stadium.  I kept saying that it was crazy there was this much snow on March 1st. We did see two men and two women without their shirts on during the game. They probably have pneumonia and hypothermia today. After the game the Blackhawks had a full fireworks show directly behind the north end zone. It was so cool. We finally got back to our car after the game at 11:10pm.

I learned during the game that Versteeg is the only Blackhawks player to score at the United Center, Wrigley Field, and Solider Field. Overall it was the second best sports experience of my life! The first was Game 5 of the 2010 Stanley Cup at the United Center. I am so happy I got to attend this game along with 62,000 other people. If the Blackhawks play in another outdoor game, I recommend you go! If you want to see my pictures, you can check them out on @Blackhawk_up.

If you want to watch the game again, it will be on CSN Chicago at 4pm today. I am going to watch to see how it was on TV.

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