Should The Chicago Blackhawks Change Their ICE Crew’s Uniforms?


Apr 21, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Members of the ice crew clean the ice in a game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the St. Louis Blues during the second period in game three of the first round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs at the United Center. The Chicago Blackhawks defeated the St. Louis Blues 2-0. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

A story broke yesterday in all the major news outlets that some San Jose Fans are protesting the uniforms for their ice crew. The San Jose fans have created a website “Say NO to Sharks Ice Girls” Facebook page. The page calls the outfits of the Sharks Ice girls sexist and objectifying.

A little history on the matter, Women were not always on ice crews. The New York Islanders were the first NHL team to create an Ice Girl squad in 2001. Many teams started adding ice crews shortly after the Islanders did. Unfortunately I could not find when the Blackhawks Ice crew was formed. I did find some information on the crew dating back to 2006-2007.

This season the Blackhawks 2013-14 ice crew gained some national attention. One Blackhawks’ Ice Crew received national attention when she backed into the goal camera while cleaning the ice. The incident seemed to be an honest mistake. HOWEVER the videos were taken off of that day because they were deemed offensive by The Blackhawks Ice Crew was also given a 54 image tribute on

With the focus of the media now shifting to female ice crews, should the Blackhawks change their Ice Crew’s uniforms? In my OPINION, the Blackhawks should not change the uniforms of the Ice crew. Based on what I have seen on twitter and other social media outlets, women in Chicago do not have a problem with the Ice Crew’s uniforms. Before people CRUSH me for that statement, I stated that it was an opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I also think Sports Illustrated would not put them on their site if their uniforms were OVERLY offensive. People will not always be happy; it is a fact of life. People can find more offensive pictures of women with one incorrect entry into google.

If anything needs to be changed in regards to the Blackhawks and women. It is the women featured during shoot the puck. In my OPINION, women on twitter are more upset by the outfits of the female shooter during shoot the puck. The female chosen for shot the puck have certain attributes every time. They are usually wearing tight pants and heels/boots. In my OPINION the female hockey fans are offended because she appears to have no hockey knowledge. The second female shooter plays into a stereotype. The stereotype is that women cannot have sports knowledge. It also implies that all women at sporting events are not fans but just eye candy for their man. In my OPINION that is why she is offensive. Everyone knows that women are great sports fans and are very knowledgeable.

The Blackhawks should not change the uniforms of the ice crew but they might want to reconsider their choices for shoot the puck. Well that is just my OPINION on the matter.

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