Chicago Blackhawks Veterans Day Appreciation


Veterans Day Camouflage Warmup Jersey

First and foremost, the staff at Blackhawk Up and  I want to personally thank all of the veterans out there for the personal sacrifices they have made for everyone in order to be able to live in a country of freedom on this Veterans Day, it can’t be said enough. Since this is a special day of celebration which honors the countless number of lives sacrificed in a military uniform, I will be taking a look at the Chicago Blackhawks ties to the military dating back to the original owner and how they continue to salute our military troops. Again, THANK YOU VETERANS!

As I had mentioned, the Chicago Blackhawks have ties to the military dating back to September 25, 1926 when they were founded. The founder of the team, Major Frederic McLaughlin, came up with the entry fee of $12,000 for the NHL and purchased the Portland Rosebuds of the Western Hockey League for $200,000, bringing the nucleus of that team to Chicago. Once he had a team in place he began to focus on a new name. Reverting back to his military ties, Major McLaughlin chose the Chicago Black Hawks as a new name which gave honor to the members of his division that he served as Major over during World War I. The members of the 333rd Machine Gun Battalion of the 86th Division of the U.S. Army called themselves Black Hawks in honor of the Sauk Indian chief who fought with the British in the War of 1812.

The current Chicago Blackhawks ownership continues to salute the military troops with various events throughout the year and before every home game. During the national anthem, the Chicago Blackhawks regularly honor one active duty military member and one retired service member on the ice during the national anthem in partnership with their ties to the USO of Illinois. Through the Chicago Blackhawks Community Fund Grant they are able to help fund various USO of Illinois programs to help and give back to the veterans and their military families. In the past when the Blackhawks have taken the ice during pregame wearing camouflage jerseys, those jerseys are then autographed and auctioned off with all proceeds benefiting the USO of Illinois.

Tonight the Chicago Blackhawks will be facing the Tampa Bay Lightning at 7:30 P.M C.T. Be on the lookout during the pregame warmups because the Chicago Blackhawks will once again be sporting the authentic camouflage jerseys during warmups while the coaches and broadcasters will be wearing camouflage ties. All of the jerseys and ties worn by players, coaches, and broadcasters will be autographed by the person that wore it and auctioned off online on beginning Tuesday Nov.11 until Monday, Nov. 24 at 7 P.M. There will be a special military salute during the game in honor of Veterans Day and in support of the troops, Boeing donated 100 tickets to tonight’s game for members of the military and their families. There were also a large amount of tickets donated by current Blackhawks Season Ticketholders and other fans to show appreciation for what they do for us or may have in the past.

Happy Veterans Day! Hope that everyone takes the time to thank a veteran, not only today but always because they are always there for us!

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