Throwback Thursday: Harold “Mush” March

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Harold “Mush” March 1934 Stanley Cup Photo (Photo courtesy of

Harold “Mush” March – October 18, 1908 – January 9, 2002

Chicago Blackhawks Career – 1928 – 1945

Games – 759

Goals – 153

Assists – 230

PIM – 540

Two-way player standing 5’5” 155lbs

Game winning goal in 2OT clinching 1934 Stanley Cup

It’s that time of the week for a little Throwback Thursday and we are going way back into the archives for one of the true greats in Chicago Blackhawks History. I hope you enjoy learning a little info on Harold “Mush” March because I know I sure enjoyed digging into his past!

Harold “Mush” March came to the Chicago Blackhawks in 1928, two years after they had become a franchise and was a 17 year veteran who played right wing solely for the organization during his career. He was born in Silton, Saskatchewan back on October 18, 1908. He started out playing junior hockey for the Regina Falcons back in 1925 and later led the Regina Monarchs to the Memorial Cup in 1928. Later in the same year he ended up turning pro which was a great accomplishment for a junior player during that time. This was a very rare feat, not many players made the leap from juniors to the NHL during this time period.

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Harold March was given the nickname “Mush” during his era due to his resemblance to a famous Canadian cartoon character. On a flip note, I have also read in other places that his nickname is attributed to the old Dick Tracy cartoon villain Mush Mouth. Regardless, “Mush” was a speedy and gritty player only standing at 5’5” and 155lbs soaking wet. He wasn’t the greatest scorer of all time by any means but he found a way to put the puck in the net when it counted the most. Current Blackhawk Patrick Kane also shares some history with Mush March; both have tallied game winning OT goals to seal a Stanley Cup Championship. Mush’s goal happened to be for the Blackhawks first Stanley Cup ever while Patrick Kane’s broke a 49 year drought, so both were very significant in their own way!