Chicago Blackhawks Defense: Must Improve In Front Of Corey Crawford

By Keith Schultz

The Chicago Blackhawks defense was a Dr. Jekyll/ Mr Hyde outfit last night at the United Center. The Chicago Blackhawks gave up no goals in the first and third periods while looking totally lost in the second period which made Corey Crawford look pretty bad in the process.

I asked the question in the middle of the second period collapse about when was the last time the Corey Crawford gave up 2 goals or less in a playoff game (which was against these Minnesota Wild in 2014) but it’s usually not Crawford’s fault even last night it wasn’t that the Wild were able to pick themselves up from a 3-0 deficit to tie the game because the Chicago Blackhawks defense went to sleep in the 2nd period.

The old adage is that they took their foot off the gas pedal which is really bad thing to say when playing a skilled team with tons of speed.  Their is never a reason to let up and as Joel Quenneville said last night no lead is safe!! The Chicago Blackhawks were up 3-0 hit a cross bar and in a blink of an eye were getting out skated and getting scored at will and you really couldn’t blame Crawford!

The first goal somehow Zucker was able to have the entire slot to himself and put in a pass easily past Crawford.  There never should be anyone in the best high scoring opportunity zone on the ice be that wide open.. especially 5 on 5.  The tide was really turned on that goal.

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The second goal was on the powerplay (all of the calls on the Hawks were pretty weak all the Wild players had to do was fall down and the Hawks were in the penalty box).  I’m not sure how you let the best player on the opposing team set up camp in front of your goalie without anyone on him whether it’s on the powerplay or not, but Zach Parise can’t be in Crawford’s kitchen like that anymore in the series without someone tying him up.

The last goal of the period was another one with a player right in front not being checked so you get the picture, the Blackhawks defense has to play a 60 minute game against the Minnesota Wild for the Chicago Blackhawks to pick up wins.  Sure they only played 40 minutes last night and were only bailed out by the Teuvo Teravainen goal, but they have to play a strong 60 minutes from here on out because Crawford can’t stop everything down low with no help in sight!

What do you think?  It wasn’t just Rozsival either last night!

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