Chicago Blackhawks: Triple Overtime By The Numbers

By Keith Schultz

The Chicago Blackhawks don’t just play overtime, they play multiple overtimes and last night they played a game for the record books winning in triple overtime in the longest game in Chicago Blackhawks franchise history.

The Chicago Blackhawks were able to tie the series up while playing into what seemed like the middle of the night.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the numbers from the 2nd marathon of this postseason for the Hawks.


The longest game in Chicago Blackhawks franchise history! For all the great games and overtime games the Chicago Blackhawks have played just in the Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane era it’s hard to believe that the record for longest game had lasted since 1931.

Here is the list of longest OT games that all now rank behind last night’s marathon.

1931 Chicago Blackhawks-3 Montreal Canadiens-2 53:50 3OT’s

1961 Chicago Blackhawks-2 Montreal Canadiens-1 52:12 3OT’s

2013 Chicago Blackhawks-4 Boston Bruins-3 52:05 3OT’s

1930 Montreal Canadiens-3 Chicago Blackhawks-2 51:43 3OT’s

At least the Chicago Blackhawks have a very strong history in Triple overtime games which included last night’s Marcus Kruger game winner.


Corey Crawford gets a whole lot of blame and heat from Chicago Blackhawks fans and the media, and sometimes it is justly deserved especially when he goes and injures himself at a concert when he’s off to the best start of his career or when he looks unprepared for the start of the playoffs in Nashville.

Last night and well since he was reinserted back into net in Game #6 of the Nashville Predators series, Crawford has been rock solid for the most part, and Crawford was excellent last night in overtime.

Crawford made a couple point blank saves on Corey Perry that appeared to be set up as game winners for the Anaheim Ducks.  Crawford will probably never win any major awards like the Vezina, but he was the reason the game could get all the way to the puck finding Marcus Kruger’s stick last night in Triple overtime.

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It’s hard to imagine, but Duncan Keith almost played an entire hockey game by himself last night.  It looked like Joel Quenneville was trying to not wear out his #1 defenseman by playing Niklas Hjalmarsson more for most of the game especially in regulation, but when push came to shove in the 2nd and 3rd overtimes, it was Keith on the ice more and more.

Keith is a machine when it comes to ice time and yet his game has never seemed better this postseason.  Hopefully he can refuel and be ready for Game #3 on Thursday night which is what most likely will happen with him leading the way with Ice Time again at the United Center.


The most important stat of the day is that after two games on the road, the Chicago Blackhawks split and come home with home ice advantage, something that they have been fantastic with in their playoff history.

What is your favorite stat from last night?

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