Chicago Blackhawks Draft: Dennis Gilbert, Radovan Bondra Selected

By Keith Schultz

The Chicago Blackhawks draft continues with pick #91 Dennis Gilbert and #151 Radovan Bondra becoming the newest Chicago Blackhawks selected in the 2015 NHL Draft. The Chicago Blackhawks with the #164 pick which they picked up from the Daniel Carcillo trade two years ago selected Geneva Native Roy Radke.

The biggest story of the day of course isn’t these young men getting selected by the Chicago Blackhawks, but the fact that Stan Bowman hasn’t found a suitable deal yet to jettison Patrick Sharp‘s or Bryan Bickell‘s contracts off the books for the upcoming 2015-2016 season.

After the first round last night, Bowman said there were deals out there but none of them made any sense which kind of sounds like me when offered fantasy football trade offers this spring.  Bowman though is competing for Stanley Cups and his patience has usually paid off in these matters.

Here is some scouting reports on the newest Chicago Blackhawks starting with Dennis Gilbert who is a Notre Dame commit this coming school season. Gilbert is a Buffalo native who has been on the ice with Patrick Kane but they don’t really know each other, here his report is from BSN Denver

"What Scouts SeeFuture Considerations:Gilbert is an extremely composed and poised defenseman. He is also the type of player who, as he grows more confident after a few nice plays defensively, gets even better. He’s a solid player, and even though he’s got great offensive instincts, he’s real strong defensively. He excels in the one-­‐on-­‐one situations, when the opposing forward is coming into the zone. He possesses an active stick with a deceptively long reach to poke the puck away or disrupt the timing of the forward.Keeps his frame in the lanes and will play physical when needed. He shows some nastiness in front of his own net by taking a few liberties on the ankles of his opponents or delivering a big hit along the wall to separate the puck. The one major knock we have with Dennis is his feet. While he is balanced and possesses a powerful stride, he will definitely need to work on his burst and first few steps at Notre Dame, because he often can be caught from behind in puck retrieval."

With the 151st selection the Chicago Blackhawks selected Radovan Bondra is a pretty big forward at 6ft 5in.  He’s of course very young and will need to grow into his frame.  He’s from Slovakia and has played internationally, here is the scouting report on him from

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"A hulking power winger that plays a skill game, Bondra is a shifty skater blessed with predatory offensive instincts and a nose for the net. Good puck-handling ability; protects the puck exceptionally well with his size. Could be more physical, but that will come. All-in-all, a talented scorer that can be very difficult for the opposition to contain. (Curtis Joe, EP 2014)"

Lastly, is Geneva native Roy Radke who was picked #164 by Stan Bowman.  The Barrie Examiner had a nice article on Radke about how he turned his rookie season with the Barrie Colts around. Here is the


to the story.

Like Knott in pick #54, these guys are young and have tons of time to develop their games before even being thought of playing in Chicago one day!

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