Chicago Blackhawks Trade: What Is Your Level Of Saadness?

By Sean Fitzgerald

Jun 10, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks left wing Brandon Saad (20) celebrates after defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1 in game four of the 2015 Stanley Cup Final at United Center. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

(I’m so shocked and disgusted that I look like Michael Keaton in Beatle Juice)

Chicago Blackhawks General Manager Stan Bowman was under the salary cap gun this offseason and everyone knew it. The NHL draft came and went with no trades by the Blackhawks. Everyone kept scratching their heads, when were the Blackhawks going to make a move? The prime trade candidates for the Blackhawks were Patrick Sharp and Bryan BickellSharp makes close to 6 million dollars and Bickell makes 4 million. After Sharp and or Bickell were to be traded,  the Blackhawks would resign Brandon Saad and Marcus Kruger, this of course was the “plan” according to EVERYONE.

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This morning there were reports that the Blackhawks and Saad were FAR APART on money for  a new contract. I thought that was fine, it happens in negotiations that get to the media. They will come to an agreement  on bridge deal and pay him more the next time. This will be old news in a few days; then NEWS BROKE, the Blackhawks trade Brandon Saad to the Columbus Blue Jackets!  WAIT WHAT????!! The Blackhawks trade Brandon Saad? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!! I instantly took to Twitter and saw it reported by all the Chicago Blackhawks beat reporters. It was true, Saad had indeed been traded. I naturally paced around my workplace in a state of shock. I informed other Blackhawks fans of the HORRIBLE NEWS.

Brandon Saad, the Man-child, was traded for 4 players and a 4th round pick. I kept thinking this could not be happening. I then looked at the haul for Saad. The haul was Artem Anisimov, Jeremy Morin, Corey Tropp and Marko Dano. I read the list of players again, and stopped at  Jeremy Morin. The Blackhawks traded Saad and one of the players they got back was Jeremy Morin. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? In case you forgot, the Blackhawks traded Morin this past season for Tim Erixon which didn’t last very long. Erixon was SO BAD, that the Blackhawks waived him. When Morin was with the Blackhawks, he never played, and Coach Joel Quenneville does not like to use Morin at all, which really made me start shaking my head in disgust.

As a fan, I am SAD and outraged! Blackhawks General Manager Stan Bowman said all offseason that they would get Brandon Saad signed. Bowman said the deal would be a long term deal for Saad.  It was his number one priority and NOW THIS???!!!  As I took a straw poll of all the Blackhawks fans in my office, the Reponses all varied on “Is STAN BOWMAN CRAZY? And “YOU’RE NOT SERIOUS?”

SAAD was the Blackhawks future, he was going to be playing with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews for years to come. Now he will be playing for the Columbus Blue Jackets (assuming the Blue Jackets can meet his astronomical asking price).

So Blackhawks Fans What Level of Saad Are You??


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