Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup Championship Video


I’m not going to lie, one of the perks of the job came through this past week when I received the advanced copy of the 2015 Stanley Cup championship video.

If you are worried about spoilers you can click off the page now, but if you watched the entire season and the playoffs I’m not really going to ruin anything for you with my review prior to tomorrow’s release of the video to everyone.

Many fans were not happy in 2013 when the NHL for the first time went away from the championship video, and instead you had to download the video on iTunes which wasn’t very satisfying to most Chicago Blackhawks faithful. This year they did try to appease those fans by putting in the entire 2013 Stanley Cup video in the bonus features of the 2015 Stanley Cup video.

Here are the things I liked most about this video:

– Pat Foley narrating the video is perfect. Unless you’re a fan from the 1960s and Lloyd Pettit, the only voice of the Chicago Blackhawks has been Hall of Famer Pat Foley. Growing up listening to Foley on the radio was the best and not getting to hear him after the opening round of the playoffs is a bit disappointing, but having him narrate the video is perfect.

Kris Versteeg handing the Blackhawks’ championship belt to Clint Reif’s son at the Soldier Field celebration is great. The fact that they never stopped thinking about Clint’s family makes it really feel like a tight-knit family and not just a hockey team.

– The bonus features from the United Center on and off the ice after the Game 6 victory provide some great video to watch.  Not since Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won at the UC has there been such a party in Chicago, and it was well worth the wait.

– All the mic’d up chat after the Andrew Shaw headbutt goal was very good, especially when the refs were expressing how they had never seen that type of play before.

– The line of Jonathan Toews saying how did we get here and Niklas Hjalmarsson saying It’s unbelievable could be the best video of the entire package really.

– I thought it was a great touch that, at the very end of the video, there is a tribute to Reif and Steve Montador.

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Things I would have liked more of from the video:

– I know this a celebration video, yet the passing of Reif had a huge effect on this team. The Joel Quenneville footage regarding Reif is very intense, but then the video really doesn’t bring it up again until Versteeg’s tremendous act at the Stanley Cup celebration.

– The regular season was a bore at times, but the video flies through the regular season, and almost makes the Patrick Kane broken clavicle a footnote. They do mention it did allow for Antoine Vermette and Kimmo Timonen to be added to the roster at the trade deadline.

– I would have liked to see some more bonus features or more context to the Chicago Blackhawks Game 7 win in Anaheim.  There is a lot of coverage of the series, but the Game 7 talk was very quick for a feat that hadn’t happened since 1965.

Overall, there is nothing to complain about regarding the video, and it’s great reliving the championship already, yet there really are no secrets revealed. As a Chicago Blackhawks fan you will want this video for your collection, especially with the 2013 video included in bonus features.

The video will be available for purchase tomorrow! It’s a celebration so don’t miss out!

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