Chicago Blackhawks: 64 Days Until Banner Raising

By Keith Schultz

We had so much fun doing our Countdown to Faceoff series last season that we decided to do it again.  In case you’re new to the series, we’ll do a roster preview as we count down the days until the Chicago Blackhawks raise their 6th Stanley Cup Banner on October 7th season opener against the New York Rangers.

So here we are in the last break of numbers never worn by a Chicago Blackhawks player before we hit 59 and we will have a name every day the rest of the way in our countdown.

Since we don’t have a number or player to look at in the Chicago Blackhawks past or present let’s take a look at the best assist seasons in Chicago Blackhawks history.

Regular Season Assist Leaders

  1. Denis Savard-87 1981-81
  2. Denis Savard-87 1987-88
  3. Denis Savard-86 1982-83
  4. Denis Savard-69 1985-86
  5. Denis Savard-67 1984-85
  6. Stan Mikita-67 1968-69
  7. Stan Mikita-62 1966-67
  8. Pit Martin-61 1972-73
  9. Jeremy Roenick-61 1993-94
  10. Stan Mikita-59 1964-65
  11. Denis Savard– 59 1988-89
  12. Steve Larmer-59 1989-90
  13. Chris Chelios-58 1992-93
  14. Chris Chelios-58 1995-96
  15. Patrick Kane-58 2009-10

Post Season Assist Leaders

  1. Jonathan Toews-22 2010
  2. Denis Savard 20-1985
  3. Patrick Kane 18-2010
  4. Duncan Keith 18-2015
  5. Dennis Hull 15-1973
  6. Steve Larmer 15-1990
  7. Denis Savard 15-1990
  8. Chris Chelios 15-1992
  9. Stan Mikita 15-1962
  10. Duncan Keith 15-2010
  11. Pat Stapleton 15-1973

More from All Time Blackhawks

Last year in our countdown of the Chicago Blackhawks greatest 100 players of all-time we had Dave Bolland at #64 and this is what we had to say about the two time Stanley Cup champion.

"Dave Bolland – 2004-2013Regular SeasonGames – 355Goals – 78Assists -102Points -180PlayoffsGames – 67Goals – 17Assists – 26Points – 43During his time with the Chicago Blackhawks, Dave Bolland may not have garnered as much fanfare as some of his teammates, but he played an integral role helping the Hawks end their near 50 year Stanley Cup drought and add to their legacy by helping them win the Stanley Cup again in 2013.Bolland was drafted by the Blackhawks in the second round (32nd overall) of the 2004 NHL Entry Draft and made his NHL debut against the Vancouver Canucks in 2006, which would turn out to be ironic, because it would be against the Canucks that Bolland would make his stamp on the NHL.During the 2009 and 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs, Bolland came into his own as a potent shutdown forward, proving to be a dangerous irritant of opposing team’s star players. Bolland’s harassment and stymying of high-profile Canucks forwards in particular, such as the Sedin Sisters aka Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin, was so effective Vancouver coined the Bolland’s nickname “The Rat,” the first player since Ken Linseman to earn the moniker.Of course Bolland forever etched his legacy into Chicago history by taking part in the miraculous come back that came to be known as 17 Seconds in Game 6 of the 2013 Stanley Cup against the Boston Bruins. After the Hawks miraculously tied the game in the final minutes with an empty night, Bolland was able to find the back of the Boston’s net off a Johnny Oduya shot from a Bruins turnover a mere 17 seconds later. With one goal, Bolland took the air out of an entire stadium; a boast only a select few hockey players can claim.After such a dramatic climax, Bolland sold his stock while it was high to the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2014. The Blackhawks are still trying to find a decent replacement for the role Boland played, and here’s hoping they find another Rat soon."

We are at 64 days until opening night!! Can’t wait!

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