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Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Ring Revealed

By Keith Schultz

The Chicago Blackhawks will be raising their 6th Stanley Cup on Wednesday night when the Blackhawks face the New York Rangers.  However, the Chicago Blackhawks via Twitter revealed their Stanley Cup Championship rings.

Of course their is another view of the ring which I really like with all of the years that they have won the Stanley Cup starting way back in 1934.

The Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup engraving was revealed last week with some juicy tidbits and stories and non-stories intertwined with that reveal.  The Blackhawks organization petitioned for Daniel Carcillo and Joakim Nordstrom‘s names to get engraved, and they left off Antti Raanta‘s name off of the Cup engraving.

The Blackhawks have no limits to who gets a ring so it’s really up to Rocky Wirtz on how many and who gets a Stanley Cup Championship ring so the real question if there is one is will Raanta get one.  The Raanta story is very bizarre that this happy go lucky backup goalie was really sitting there watching the team and rooting for them to lose.  If the team believes that he was doing this there is no way that he gets anything but what he got which is traded, but if they think it’s just a blown out of proportion story by the media then he probably will get one eventually from the Blackhawks.

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The Chicago Blackhawks with or without rings will forever be the 2015 Stanley Cup champions, and we as fans will always have great memories of a fantastic playoff run.  Every series if you throw out the Minnesota Wild series had some sort of drama in it which made it great drama to watch on a nightly basis.

The Nashville series had the goalie drama with Scott Darling replacing Corey Crawford and coming up big for the starting goalie, while the Hawks won in multiple overtime games.

The Blackhawks were down 3 game to 2 to the Anaheim Ducks in the Western Conference Finals yet were able to win a home Game #6 before winning their first Game #7 on the road since the 1960’s.

In the Stanley Cup Final the Chicago Blackhawks were outplayed in the first four games, but the Hawks were able to split those four games then Corey Crawford dominated the Final 2 games for their 3rd Cup in 6 seasons.

Now the Stanley Cup ring is revealed.. What do you think of the new jewelry?

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