NHL Power Rankings Week 3: Oh, Canadiens!


In the NHL this past week, Jaromir Jagr kept on scoring, Connor McDavid got on the board and the Montreal Canadiens refused to lose. Let’s see how those actions and more affected our NHL power rankings. (Note: These rankings were compiled before Sunday’s play).

85. The Devils have yet to win a game. They are 0-3-1. They have six goals scored and 13 goals allowed. That is not good.. . Previous: 29th. New Jersey Devils. 29. team

Weren’t the Ducks a favorite for the Stanley Cup? Do you have to win games to get there?. . Previous: 16th. Anaheim Ducks. 28. team. 105

109. Why is <strong><a href=. . Previous: 29th. Carolina Hurricanes. 27. team

Buffalo got its first win of the season since our last rankings, and <strong><a href=. . Previous: 25th. Buffalo Sabres. 26. team. 12

25. team. 116. Coach Mike Babcock says, “We can get this team to win every night; I really believe that.” The Leafs are 1-3-1 on the season.. . Previous: 23th. Toronto Maple Leafs

team. 112. The Flames need to play better on defense. They have allowed 19 goals this season and are 1-4-0 on the season. Everyone thought <strong><a href=. . Previous: 15th. Calgary Flames. 24

Edmonton Oilers. 23. team. 148. <strong><a href=. . Previous: 26th

Los Angeles Kings. 22. team. 67. <strong><a href=. . Previous: 25th

team. 103. Colorado plays this attacking style on offense, and they hope <strong><a href=. . Previous: 19th. Colorado Avalanche. 21

20. team. 70. The Bruins decided to show some heart and win two games in a row. I would not say the Bruins are back … they did beat the defensively challenged Avalanche and the young Coyotes.. . Previous: 28th. Boston Bruins

19. team. 92. The Penguins acquired <strong><a href=. . Previous: 21st. Pittsburgh Penguins

. Previous: 22th. Philadelphia Flyers. 18. team. 68. The Flyers are off to their best start since 2011-12. The Flyers are 2-1-1 under Dave Hakstol. The team attributes their success thus far to Hakstol’s even-keel approach.

Previous: 11th. Arizona Coyotes. 17. team. 121. The Yotes have dropped their last two games after winning their first three games. Despite the losses, the Coyotes are an exciting team to watch lead by <strong><a href=.

72. The Red Wings have a goalie controversy on their hands. <strong><a href=. . Previous: 8th. Detroit Red Wings. 16. team

team. 97. <strong><a href=. . Previous: 18th. Florida Panthers. 15

. Previous: 14th. Ottawa Senators. 14. team. 91. Despite the winning record, head coach <strong><a href=

The Rangers have dropped two in a row, and their powerplay might be to blame. The Rangers have converted one powerplay in 14 chances this season.. . Previous: 1st. New York Rangers. 13. team. 95

team. 94. Before putting four goals on the Blue Jackets on Saturday night, the Blackhawks had managed one goal in two games. To combat the offensive struggles, the Blackhawks recalled <strong><a href=. . Previous: 12th. Chicago Blackhawks. 12

. Previous: 10th. Minnesota Wild. 11. team. 98. The Wild have yet to lose this season, but are they for real? It is too small of sample size to judge as of yet.

. Previous: 13th. Vancouver Canucks. 10. team. 104. <strong><a href=

. Previous: 6th. San Jose Sharks. 9. team. 120. The Sharks had a rough week, losing <strong><a href=

23. The Lightning did not lose three games in a row last season until the Stanley Cup Final, which was impressive. They edged out Buffalo to avoid losing three in a row early this season. <strong><a href=. . Previous: 2nd. Tampa Bay Lightning. 8. team

<strong><a href=. . Previous: 7th. Nashville Predators. 7. team. 151

106. The Islanders got <strong><a href=. . Previous: 17th. New York Islanders. 6. team

Winnipeg Jets. 5. team. 107. The Jets continue to keep winning. The Jets are are 4-1-0 and have won their last two games in a row. <strong><a href=. . Previous: 9th

Dallas Stars. 4. team. 119. The Stars are shockingly good thus far. Their goalies appear to be getting the job done. Kari Lehtonen is 3-0-0 with 2.35 goals-against average and .920 save percentage. Antti Niemi is is 1-1-0 with 3.00 goals-against average and .908 save percentage.. . Previous: 20th

St. Louis Blues. 3. team. 99. <strong><a href=. . Previous: 12th

2. team. 19. The Capitals got <strong><a href=. . Previous: 4th. Washington Capitals

team. 152. The Canadiens are 6-0-0 this season. They have allowed seven goals and scored 20 goals. The league average is 13 goals for and 13 goals against. <strong><a href=. . Previous: 3rd. Montreal Canadiens. 1

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