Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Weather Report


Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! Well, we will find out shortly what time the Winter Classic will take place today. 

The new year is a day old, and now we are already stuck waiting to see what Mother Nature has in store for St. Louis today before we know what time the Winter Classic will be played today. The announcement will be made at 7am this morning when the Winter Classic will take place today.

If you look at the forecast it doesn’t look to good for the scheduled puck drop so look for an evening game if my skills as a forecaster are any good.

I guess this is something that you never have to worry about when you play indoors normally 82 times a year, but it’s also what makes these outdoor games so special with Mother Nature having a final say on when the games get played.

The only thing that really matters about the game is the 2 points the Hawks need to take away from the St. Louis Blues, and to leave the City of the Arch without an injury.  Every Time the Hawks get close to getting healthy another injury pops up. With Marian Hossa close to returning from injury, now Marcus Kruger is out for a few weeks.  So a game with no injuries would be just what the doctor ordered for the Blackhawks.

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Well, here is some morning links to kick off your Winter Classic Gameday! 

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