Chicago Blackhawks Greatest 100- #70 Michel Goulet

Canadian professional ice hockey player Michel Goulet
Canadian professional ice hockey player Michel Goulet /

When you think of great scorers during the 1980’s the list is very long starting with Wayne Gretzky, but one of those great scorers was Michel Goulet, who played for the Hawks in the early 1980’s.

Michel Goulet played for the Quebec Nordiques who had one of the best logos back in the day, and a city that should still have a NHL franchise instead of towns like Glendale Arizona.  Having the Nordiques in the NHL is another conversation for another day.

The Nordiques after being a pretty good team for most of the 1980’s fell on a very rough season in 1989-1990 so like any good franchise they decided it was time to rebuild and trade their old veteran in Goulet.

Goulet scored 50 goals in 4 straight years and collected 4 100 point seasons in the 80’s for the Nordiques, but that wasn’t the player that came to Chicago.

Goulet still could score goals as a gritty veteran and he scored 20 goals or more goals in the first three seasons while playing for the Chicago Blackhawks.  The 1991 team won the Presidents Trophy, but they were knocked out in the first round by the Minnesota North Stars.

The 1992 season was the special one with Goulet being a veteran scorer that scored over 20 goals helping the Hawks get to their first Stanley Cup Final since the 1970’s.

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Goulet scored 92 goals in 276 games while wearing the Chicago Blackhawks jersey.  He was poised to score over 20 goals again for the Hawks during the 1994 season, but he crashed head first into the boards at the Montreal Forum. The injury forced him into retirement, and he never played in the NHL again.

One really bright note while playing for the Chicago Blackhawks was that Goulet scored his 500th goal with the team.

It sure would have been nice to see Goulet play for the Hawks in his prime, but he was still a very good scorer in his 3 plus seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Only 70 days left until the NHL season kicks off, and I can’t wait!