Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Bickell’s Story

CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 15: Bryan Bickell
CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 15: Bryan Bickell /

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! The Chicago Blackhawks are 64 days away from playing any meaningful hockey, but Bryan Bickell has spoken and now we listen. 

Bryan Bickell is a player that has tried all of our emotions as Chicago Blackhawks fans! He was a player that had such a great 2013 Stanley Cup playoff run that he earned a bigger contract.

The fact that Stan Bowman gave him 4 million a year wasn’t his fault, but he was never able to live up to that contract which made him a player that Hawks fans had mixed emotions about that’s for sure.

The one thing you could always count on Bryan Bickell to do is show up for the playoffs! We always spoke of him as playoff Bickell, and there always was a time in February or March were he would get sent to the pressbox to watch games.

In 2015, playoff Bickell never showed up which was strange for me, because I believed he was just a player that saved himself and all those hits for the postseason.  I always liked Bickell and didn’t care about the regular season, but when they said he had vertigo or a bad tooth it was a tough message to receive because I wanted to cheer #29 on during the playoffs.

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Bickell spoke in the Players Tribune this week on how he first started getting his M.S. Symptoms during the 2015 playoffs which he actually played in 18 games but didn’t score.  The story is tough to read, and makes you remember to be thankful for the health that you have.

I hope Bickell is able to remain as healthy as possible with M.S. like he says in his players tribune article, because he’s like a lot of us just hard workers that have a lot going on in their lives.

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