Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Will You Miss The Breadman?

ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 6: Artemi Panarin
ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 6: Artemi Panarin /

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! The real answer to this question may not be answered for a year or two down the road because sometimes trades take a long time to see who the winner was over the long haul. 

The trade was Artemi Panarin for Brandon Saad with Anton Forsberg and Tyler Motte thrown in as well.  The thing is how much will the Chicago Blackhawks miss the Breadman?

For starters, my biggest fear is that Patrick Kane will not be the same player he was the past two years playing with Panarin.

Kane won a Art Ross and Hart Trophy in 2016 playing with Panarin during his rookie season, and not only did Kane score a bunch, but he really looked like he was having a lot of fun playing hockey all season long.  With Panarin gone will Kane be able to reach the same heights in scoring this coming season.

Secondly, will the Hawks miss the Breadman’s scoring?  The Hawks have basically replaced him with Saad and old man Patrick Sharp who is coming off surgery.  I’m not sure if that helps them in the regular season score goals, but I really think it helps them with their playoff roster.

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All of this talk comes because there is a poll out there about whether or not the Blackhawks will miss Panarin.  Well, earlier this spring we wrote a couple posts about 3 Reasons Why The Hawks Should Trade Panarin, and on CSN Podcast with Pat Boyle and Tracy Myers without mentioning us laughed that there was no way the Hawks were trading the Breadman.  So we have had some fun with Pat on Twitter and were wondering if he made up this poll.

It’s all in good fun, and here are some morning links to start your Friday morning!

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