Chicago Blackhawks Greatest 100- #48 Steve Sullivan

2004 Season: Player Steve Sullivan of the Chicago Blackhawks. (Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)
2004 Season: Player Steve Sullivan of the Chicago Blackhawks. (Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images) /

When you talk about the best little guys in franchise history, you have to include Steve Sullivan in the discussion that’s for sure. 

Sullivan was only 5 feet 7 inches, and it took him a while to find his niche in the NHL after getting released by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Chicago Blackhawks General Manager at the time, Bob Murray picked Sullivan up and his career was really off and running.

Sullivan was teamed up with Michael Nylander on a night in 1999 which was the last time a player wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey ever scored 4 goals.  Nylander did the scoring, and Sullivan was doing the helping.

Sullivan played for 6 teams during his NHL career, but his longest stretch with any team was with the Chicago Blackhawks playing 370 games. He scored 118 goals and picked up 185 assists during his stay with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Of course, he was with the Chicago Blackhawks during the worst era ever in franchise history. He was on the 2001 team that played in 5 playoff games for the only playoffs appearance in the dark ages era.

Sullivan was a sniper and was a very little guy which is why I don’t understand why people think Alex DeBrincat won’t be successful in the NHL one day if not this coming season.

There is a funny story about karma during Sullivan’s career.  Sullivan got clipped in the nose and was bleeding and was getting harrassed by some local fans because he was bleeding.  Then later in the game, a puck flew into the crowd, hit the same fan in the nose causing him to bleed.  Here is the footage.

Sullivan would be a serious fan favorite if he played today.  He did play for the Nashville Predators in their infant days so he went from loved to hated in short time.

Sullivan never won a Cup during his time, but he was a very productive player that played in over 1,000 career games and he’s 48 on our list.

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Only 48 more days until the season kicks off from the United Center on October 5th.