Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- C-O-R-E-Y

WINNIPEG, MB - DECEMBER 14: Goaltender Corey Crawford
WINNIPEG, MB - DECEMBER 14: Goaltender Corey Crawford /

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! The Chicago Blackhawks are in the midst of a season high 5 game winning streak, and no matter what we all think about the winning streak, it sure looks like we have a lot of thanking to do for Corey Crawford on a daily basis! 

Corey Crawford stats all look amazing this season, and no matter which way you slice it the NHL needs to start recognizing what a great goalie #50 is for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Sure you can make charts and graphs up anyway you like it to prove your point, but here is one that a Toronto Maple Leaf fan made that shows how good Crawford has been.

Here is some more numbers from the NHL network on what kind of season Crawford is having for the Chicago Blackhawks.

The thing about Crawford that I read someone on Twitter saying that is very true, is the fact that he continue to improve from year to year.  He’s a much better goalie than he was when he first came into the NHL, and I believe he’s a better goalie than he was even during his first Stanley Cup run.

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If Crawford maintains this level of play this year, he will have to be in the running for the Vezina trophy, and more importantly keep the Blackhawks in playoff contention.

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