Chicago Blackhawks Hosting Detroit Red Wings Live Streaming Predictions And More

CHICAGO, IL - JANUARY 12: Patrick Kane
CHICAGO, IL - JANUARY 12: Patrick Kane /

The Chicago Blackhawks host the Detroit Red Wings this morning at the United Center in a game that the Blackhawks really need before they enter the Bye Week. 

First off can I just say that I really don’t like the bye week.  The Hawks just had a bye week right around Christmas and now after two weeks of games they are on another bye week.  This seasons schedule has been really all over the place.

Now on to today’s game which was moved up to this morning’s time slot which is highly annoying for me! I have to work this morning so I’m going to miss the game, but I wouldn’t have missed the game if it was played in it’s original time slot.  Oh well, I know no one will feel sorry for me today!

The morning game is usually a blowout one way or another.  A few years ago the Hawks torched the Red Wings in an early start game on Easter Sunday.  The Hawks also have had it handed to them in early games throughout the years.

The key to these games is getting a lead early and not giving the opposition any momentum.  The Hawks have been coming out and playing better in first periods, so I really look for them to jump out and have a strong first and as Jonathan Toews has asked them to do “Empty the Tank”.

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The one nice thing the Hawks have had with Corey Crawford out with an injury is having the backups shine while he’s on the mend.  Both Jeff Glass and Anton Forsberg have been up to the challenge with #50 on the bench, which is a nice luxury for Joel Quenneville to have each and every game.

This is it for this week, so let’s go get them Hawks!

Here are the listings for today’s game!

Game Time-11:30am

TV Listings- NBC

Radio Listings– WGN Radio

Live StreamingNBC Live Extra

Radio Live Streaming– WGN Radio App

My predictions were off as usual of late with me expecting a barn burner not a goalie stare down! Back to the drawing board for today’s matinee!

Final Score Prediction

The Hawks let it all hang out, and jump on the scoreboard early and often, and they skate away with a 5-1 win with Anthony Duclair picking up his first Chicago Blackhawks goal.

Three Stars Predictions

#3 Star- Duncan Keith– 1st goal of the season and 1 assist

#2 Star- Alex DeBrincat– 1 Goal 1 Assist

#1 Star- Patrick Sharp– 1 Goal 1 Assist

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What are your predictions for today’s game?