Chicago Blackhawks’ Crawford And What Happens When He’s Back

DALLAS, TX - DECEMBER 21: Corey Crawford
DALLAS, TX - DECEMBER 21: Corey Crawford /

There have been reports stirring around the Chicago Blackhawks that goaltender Corey Crawford, who has been absent from the team since Dec. 23, was skating on his own for the third day in a row

It’s great news hearing Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford is on his two feet, on the ice and getting back into the mix of things. Crow has been absent from the Blackhawks since his ever-so-confusing ailment, whether it be vertigo symptoms or post-concussion syndrome. Regardless of what he’s been suffering from, it seem he’s getting better as time goes on.

Chicago Sun-Times reporter Mark Lazerus, as well as plenty of other journalists on the Chicago Blackhawks beat, have picked up on this story, but there’s still some skepticism on what the future looks like with Crawford back in action.

What will he look like? Would he be a factor in coming back from a doomed season? How would he perform? There’s a ton of questions that are scary to ask and no true, solidified answers. So, to wrap up all of the commotion, we’re left to ask: wWat happens when Corey Crawford comes back?


This can be a story with one or two outcomes. One is the Crawford somehow returns to his former self, being able to stave off harsh conditions in front of a team that’s near self destruction.

Two, he fails to get it back together with a few months remaining in the season and the team falls flat of a postseason endeavor.

Both outcomes seem dire, maybe even exaggerated, but they seem to be the best possibilities.

Crawford was doing phenomenally before his unknown ailment, going 16-9-2 with a 2.27 goals-against average and a .929 save percentage. He was the vital player to this team’s success. He was the only one holding the fort down, stealing points left and right.

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His return seems likely in the near future with his current appearances on the ice. However, it could all before nothing, as the ‘Hawks are stumbling with a 24-20-8 record, still stagnant in last place in the Central Division.

He could be the miracle they need, but it might be too late.