Chicago Blackhawks Visiting Vegas Golden Knights Live Streaming Predictions And More


We are in the midst of the worst Chicago Blackhawks losing streak since 2012 which is when I started writing for Blackhawk Up.  The question is wiill the Chicago Blackhawks be able to defeat the expansion Vegas Knights tonight? 

The Chicago Blackhawks are in a tail spin that’s for sure!

The happiest people in the NHL are well the rest of the NHL because for the first time in a decade the Chicago Blackhawks are struggling. In what has to be a real bizarro world, the expansion Vegas Golden Knights are the best team in the Western Conference while the Blackhawks are nearing the basement.

Every game is really a little thing here and a little thing there that costs the Chicago Blackhawks victory, but if you ask me the biggest reason the Blackhawks have struggled is that they are missing Corey Crawford. Some of the conversations I’ve had on Twitter have been if Crawford had played all year long.  He has to pick up at least 5 goalie wins during that time which puts them in the playoff hunt.

If’s and but’s don’t win games, and the Chicago Blackhawks offense has done nothing lately which you can totally blame on Joel Quenneville and his constantly changing line combos.  I don’t care what anyone says, players need to play with the same guys to build chemistry which only helps team chemistry.  Flipping lines game in and game out doesn’t do anything but create chaos.

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Who knows what to expect tonight, but here are the listing for tonight’s game from Vegas!

Game Time– 9pm

TV Listings- NBCSCH

Radio Listings– WGN Radio

Live StreamingNBC Chicago Live Stream

Radio Live Streaming– WGN Radio App

On to the predictions part, and I didn’t get to any last night which is just fine because it would have been embarrassing how bad I would have been off after the 6-1 beatdown.

Final Score Prediction

The Chicago Blackhawks do not bring any extra effort to Vegas and lose another game in this terrible streak. No bad beats just a loss in a 5-2 loss to the Golden Knights.

Three Stars Predictions

#3 Star- Patrick Kane– #500 and #501 Career Assists

#2 Star- James Neal– 1 Goal 2 Assists

#1 Star- Reilly Smith– 2 Goals

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What are your predictions for tonight’s game?